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When you go to pick out a toy for your child at the store, you probably think about the price and whether they will like it. Most likely, you do not spend time worrying about whether the toy could harm your child. While most people assume that products you can buy at stores are safe, this is not always the case.

Negligent manufacturers can leave consumers seriously injured when they fail to take the proper steps to ensure their products are safe. If a faulty item hurt you or a loved one, a Loveland defective products lawyer could help your family review your legal options. You could be eligible for compensation through a personal injury suit.

Different Types of Product Liability Cases

People injured by faulty products can file suit on several different legal grounds.

Design Defects

Some products have design defects, which make them inherently flawed, even when used correctly and reasonably. When a product has a design defect, every product built pursuant to that faulty design would be similarly flawed. An example of a design defect would be a curling iron that overheats and sparks into flames when on the highest setting. Another example could be a baby toy with small pieces that a child could choke on.

Manufacturing Defects

Problems with products can occur after the design process. Even when a product has a reasonably safe design, it can be defective if the manufacturer deviates from the original design specifications during the production process. Mistakes can occur on the assembly line, such as when a factory worker forgets to include an important part. These kinds of mistakes do not affect every product built according to the design, but they can affect all the products in a particular batch. Problems can also arise when manufacturers try to cut costs by intentionally changing the original design. For instance, a manufacturer who uses a substandard raw material could make their product dangerous.

Marketing Defects

Products need to come with clear operating instructions and warnings. A marketing defect occurs when a product comes without a label or pamphlet explaining how to use it properly and warning of potential harm. An example of a product with a marketing defect could be an over-the-counter medication that does not list the dosage. If a consumer takes too many pills and suffers an adverse reaction from overdosing, they could be able to sue the manufacturer or retailer for failing to warn them of the risk.

A seasoned product liability lawyer in Loveland could assess a particular defective product case. An attorney knows how to interpret complex manufacturing and testing reports in order to determine what went wrong and who is to blame.

Various Kinds of Faulty Products

All different types of products can be defective. However, most commonly, product liability suits involve the following:

  • Motor vehicle defects
  • Children’s products, such as car seats, strollers, and toys
  • Dangerous medications
  • Faulty medical devices
  • Contaminated food
  • Household appliances
  • Household and industry cleaners
  • Industrial and construction machinery and equipment

After suffering an injury in any of these scenarios, it is crucial to get in touch with a Loveland product liability attorney right away. Faulty products can cause serious harm, but dedicated lawyers know how to fight for fair compensation.

Call a Loveland Defective Products Attorney Today

If a faulty product harmed you or your loved one, you might be overwhelmed. You could be in pain and face a grueling rehabilitation. You might also find yourself inundated with unexpected, costly medical bills with no way to pay them. Fortunately, you do not have to fight this battle alone.

A Loveland defective products lawyer is here to help. Get in touch with our office today to get started on your case.

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