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Greeley Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Although any personal injury could have a significant impact on a person’s daily life, catastrophic injuries tend to be the most devastating. Due to the potential severity of the injury, many catastrophic injuries require extensive and often costly treatment processes. In some cases, injuries may result in permanent disability.

After a catastrophic injury, you may wonder how you will fully recover. A diligent Greeley catastrophic injury lawyer could provide answers and advice following an injury. If another’s negligence harmed you, you could seek compensation for your losses. A well-practiced injury attorney could help you file a claim so you may recover from a serious accident.

Potentially Catastrophic Accidents

Catastrophic injuries could occur in almost any circumstances or from any traumatic event. However, falls and motor vehicle accidents are two of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries.

A person who trips due to an uneven walkway or slips on a spilled liquid could fall and suffer a blow to the head. This impact could significantly alter brain functioning and cause a catastrophic injury. Similarly, a person involved in a motor vehicle accident may hit their head on a vehicle’s dashboard or headrest and experience head trauma. If the crash ejects someone from the vehicle, they could sustain spinal cord injuries from the impact. All of these injuries can be permanently debilitating.

Impact of a Severe Head Injury

Not all brain injuries are catastrophic. However, brain injuries often lead to serious cognitive and physical impairments that impact bodily functioning. While a comprehensive treatment plan could help prevent complications, expensive long-term medical care is often required for individuals who suffer from a serious head injury.

If a serious brain injury occurs due to the careless or reckless actions of a person or entity, a steadfast catastrophic injury lawyer in Greeley could help injured people recover. An attorney could fight for fair compensation for past and future medical expenses stemming from the incident. They may also take a catastrophic head injury survivor’s pain and suffering into account when evaluating damages.

Other Potentially Permanent Injuries in Greeley

Serious spinal injuries may occur when a blow or jolt causes damage to the vertebrae of the spine. This damage could affect signaling between the brain and the body. As with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries may lead to greater susceptibility for other chronic conditions. Rehabilitation can be vital to healing and regaining function.

Due to the extent of spinal injuries, many individuals are unable to work, do household chores, or participate in life as they had prior to the injury. The management of the condition and any day-to-day complications can be expensive and could financially devastate an individual or their family. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Greeley could collect evidence of lost wages and loss of enjoyment to fight for appropriate compensation from the potentially negligent parties.

Speak With a Greeley Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries may force a person to restructure their entire lives to accommodate the medical, psychological, and emotional changes. Quality care and management comes at a great cost during this process. However, if you are injured due to another’s negligence, you could recover the expenses related to medical treatment and equipment. Get in touch with a seasoned Greeley catastrophic injury lawyer who could quantify the value of your injuries and fight for your recovery. Schedule a free consultation today.

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