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The negative effects of a catastrophic injury can go beyond physical pain. They can temporarily or permanently disable a person, change a person’s future plans, and even compromise their independence. Moreover, an injury of this nature could be financially devastating with expenses incurring from surgeries, medical insurance, and hospitalization. If a person sustained injuries from a serious crash, it may be wise to seek the assistance of an Arvada catastrophic injury lawyer, as they could help review facts surrounding the incident.

Severe injuries may prevent a person from returning to work, which could negatively impact their employment or event reduce their future earning potential. Basic daily activities such as putting on clothes or cooking dinner may require assistance from a family member or friend.

After experiencing a catastrophic injury, a person may feel overwhelmed and confused. However, the injuries that were incurred may be the result of another party’s negligence. Filing a lawsuit against the responsible party may be an option. A compassionate injury attorney could help hold the negligent party accountable.

Accidents that May Result in Catastrophic Injuries

The most common sources of catastrophic injuries are accidents. Even though a defendant did not intend to cause harm to an injured party, the law says that they are liable for any resulting damage.

Examples of these incidents may include:

  • Car, truck, or motorcycle crashes
  • Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians or bike riders
  • Slips and falls or other injuries that occur on another’s land
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice

Even though a victim’s injuries may be extremely serious, they still bear the burden of proving defendant negligence. What exactly this involves will vary based on the facts of the case. An Arvada catastrophic injury attorney could help to explain the legal aspect of accidental catastrophic injury claims.

What is Comparative Fault?

There is no such thing as a no-fault accident in Arvada. Someone is always liable for an injury that results from an accident. However, sometimes this means that an injured party shares blame for the incident.

Courts in Colorado use a legal concept called modified comparative negligence. This means that a defendant may argue that a plaintiff was partially responsible for their own losses, even if those losses are catastrophic. Under Colorado Revised Statutes §13-21-111, if a jury believes this fault to rise to 50 percent or more, that jury must dismiss the claim. Alternatively, a jury may award reduced damages if this fault percentage falls between one and 49 percent. An Arvada catastrophic loss attorney could help to explain the role of comparative fault in claims for damages.

Injuries that Result from Criminal Activity

Of course, not every catastrophic loss if the consequence of an accident. Many injuries come about as the result of criminal acts. Here, an injured person must be sure to protect their rights while remembering the differences between criminal case and civil claims for damages.

A defendant who intentionally inflicts a catastrophic loss is certainly liable to provide payment to their victims. However, criminal courts cannot order a defendant to do this. Only civil courts have this power. That being said, a conviction in a criminal case is potent evidence of defendant fault in a civil matter. Even an acquittal in a criminal charge does not mean that a defendant is civilly liable. An Arvada catastrophic injury attorney could provide more information about the relationships between criminal charges and civil claims for damages.

The Effects of a Catastrophic Injury

The consequences of a catastrophic injury can prevent a person from performing any gainful work or even daily tasks. This may place immense pressure not only on the injured party, but also on their family since many individuals who experience such an accident may require constant supervision or assistance following the incident.

Some common catastrophic injuries include:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Severe lacerations and burns
  • Eye injury
  • Limb amputation

Both economic and non-economic damages could significantly disrupt an injured person’s life. However, when another party is responsible for the injuries that resulted from the accident, a person may be eligible for significant compensation.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Auto Wreck Claims?

In the state of Colorado, an accident resulting in a catastrophic injury may merit the pursuit of fair compensation. Understanding and complying with the statute of limitations could help settle a case. There are two main deadlines for most personal injury lawsuits. The Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-102(1)(a) generally stipulates a two-year deadline for filing a lawsuit in court for personal injuries not sustained by an automobile. For catastrophic personal injuries sustained by a vehicle, a person is generally granted up to three years to file a lawsuit in court.

There are various scenarios that may extend the time limit given by Colorado’s statute of limitations. For instance, when a minor is involved or harmed there may be a brief period that extends the time frame for filing a claim.

Contact an Arvada Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries and the life-changing consequences that may follow can be shocking. Identifying a negligent party and holding them responsible could be difficult without a skilled attorney who is familiar with catastrophic injury cases.

Compensation could help alleviate potential financial strain from medical expenses or may replace a source of income during recovery. Contact a knowledgeable Arvada catastrophic lawyer and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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