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Aurora Bicycle Accident Injuries

Aurora bicycle accident injuries are common and can vary in their severity. Based on severity, the least severe injuries include road rash and lacerations. Bicyclists do not have a car frame and body to absorb a lot of the impact, so head injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries are very common. The severity of these injuries can result in expensive medical bills, as well as the emotional and physical trauma can be a lot to take on alone, however, you could potentially pursue compensation.

If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, it is imperative to consult with an experienced Aurora bicycle accident lawyer immediately. A knowledgeable attorney can build a case to help obtain compensation for any sort of Aurora bicycle accident injury you may have suffered. En Español.

Common Injuries That Result From Bicycle Accidents

Different Aurora bicycle accident injuries can range in their severity, the least severe being road rash and lacerations; broken bones (fractured clavicles because of the way they are thrown off their bicycles, broken legs, broken arms). Traumatic brain injuries are very common injuries especially when bicyclists are not wearing helmets. If a cyclist is hit by a car and thrown off their bicycle, chances are he will land on the street and hit his head. That is a huge injury from a bicycle accident. Common also are dental and jaw injuries; getting teeth knocked out.

Fatalities also occur, unfortunately. One thing to think about in bicycle accidents is not only is there the initial impact and the injuries from that but often because bicyclists are thrown off their bicycles, they land on the street, right in the roadway; they can easily be run over by a car. If not fatal injuries, broken bones, a lot of muscular-skeletal strains, bruises, and lacerations are expected.

Broken Bones

If someone is directly impacted by a motor vehicle, their bones may be broken. This can also occur if someone is thrown off a bicycle and lands the wrong way on a certain bone or multiple bones.

The cost to medically treat broken bones is serious, depending on which bone and what kind of treatment it entails. A person would need radiology studies done to see if there is even a broken bone, and from there, surgery may be required, as well as rehabilitation and therapy.

The medical bills are very serious consequences when sustaining a broken bone. Many broken bones will double or triple the medical costs. People break bones and bones can heal, but that does not mean that a person will ever feel the same. Depending on the age of the person and their physical condition, a person’s bone can heal through surgery, but it can create a case of arthritis and potentially result in scar tissue. These issues may never go away. A person can sustain a permanent impairment from a broken bone.

To determine how to recover damages pertaining to any common Aurora bicycle accident injuries, an individual should not hesitate before consulting with an attorney.

Aggravated Injuries

There are many aggravated issues that an individual may suffer after being involved in an Aurora bicycle accident. Not having the vehicle exterior to absorb the impact and protect a person, like someone would in a standard vehicle, can cause an aggravation of injuries. The likelihood of flying off of a bicycle and landing on the street is much more common than someone flying out of a vehicle.

When bicyclists are thrown off their bikes and land in the street in a heavy traffic area, the person may be hit by another vehicle. The injured bicyclist is on the ground and drivers may not be able to react fast enough to avoid running them over. In general, a person’s body is very vulnerable, and unless the bicyclist is wearing major protective gear, they are very vulnerable to the elements and the vehicles on the road.

A person may also suffer lacerations and road rash. Those injuries can then be infected in the healing process. A person can also have mental consequences like post-traumatic stress disorder. If the person was hit by a car, that is a very traumatic situation. Flying off a bicycle is very traumatic, as well.

The person can suffer mentally and have reoccurring nightmares, or become depressed or irritable. These are some of the mental and emotional injuries that can come along with bicycle accidents. Spinal cord damage is also common, as well as musculoskeletal strains and pain.

How These Injuries Differ from Motorcycle Accident Injuries

One of the differences between bike and motorcycle accidents is that people driving motorcycles are often wearing a more protective gear; motorcyclists on freeways and highways are wearing helmets. Motorcycle accident injuries are more severe because the motorcyclist does not have the body of a car to protect him and absorb some of the impact. The severity of the injuries depends on the specific mechanism of the accident. Both motorcyclists and bicyclists deal with head injuries a lot.

With motorcycles, there are more incidents of road rash because of the speed the motorcycle is traveling. A person can be connected to the motorcycle and dragged down a highway; fall off and slide across the ground/road. Motorcycles are often driven in heavy traffic; bicyclists do not ride on freeways. There is a higher possibility of motorcycle accidents than bicycle accidents.

Severity of the Accident

Because a person on a bicycle does not have the same protection surrounding them as a person does in a motor vehicle, a bicycle accident can be much more serious. It is more likely that someone on a bicycle is going to sustain more serious injuries in Aurora if they are hit by a vehicle, than if someone in a vehicle was hit by another vehicle.

After being injured in a bicycle accident in Aurora, a doctor will respond the same way to an individual regardless of how they are injured. Whether a person suffered an injury in Aurora from a bicycle accident or a car accident, they should be treated the same. If you have sustained Aurora bicycle accident injuries, consult a qualified bike accident lawyer that could help you pursue compensation.

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