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Aurora Car Accident Evidence Collection Process

There are multiple ways in which an Aurora car accident attorney should gather evidence before filing the lawsuit for initiating the litigation process. One way is to determine fault. If fault is being challenged in the litigation, the attorney wants to look at the police report if there is any. Oftentimes it may show if either party was cited by the officer that arrived. The second way is to get the police report, which is going to list any witnesses that at the scene of the collision and convey what they reported to the police as to what occurred. It could also list those witnesses’ contact information.

If you have any questions about the Aurora car accident evidence collection process, contact a knowledgeable attorney. An Aurora car accident lawyer may be able to provide you with more information.

Process of Collecting Evidence

There is no set way to handle an Aurora car accident evidence collection process. It is best to get as much evidence as possible early on. For example, getting a police report if the police did come to the scene and getting that relatively early to establish the claim. The next steps are the ambulance and hospital bills if the client went to the emergency room. Trying to locate independent witnesses if liability is being disputed is something is important to do very early on because depending on the witness’ statement, it could potentially guide the case in one way or another.

After filing a lawsuit, the lawyer goes through the discovery process, which is where each side gets to submit written interrogatories, requests for production, and requests for admission to the opposing side. The opposing side has to answer those questions as if they were under oath. After that, there are depositions, which are basically under oath testimony taken in advance of trial so that each party has an idea of what the other party will be testifying to in trial. If the testimony differs at trial, then that is also very good evidence of impeachment or of someone not being truthful.

Time it Takes to Collect Evidence

Generally, an Aurora car accident evidence collection process could always be ongoing. From prior to filing the lawsuit until the trial, lawyers are always trying to collect evidence that will further establish their claim. The one thing that is consistent is called a discovery cutoff, which is where the court will tell attorneys, that they should have gathered everything that is important to the case by a specific date.

Usually, that date is about seven weeks before a trial commences. Until that seven-week point from the time that a client walks to sign off the agreement, everything should be done with the thought of collecting evidence and preserving evidence to establish the claim.

Preparing for a Case

The most important thing that someone should know, especially if someone is not an attorney, is that an Aurora car accident evidence collection process is very tedious and time-consuming. Everything that attorneys do is with the intention of establishing a claim, being as diligent as they can, and getting as much information or evidence prepared to support their claim.

The reason that they need to know that is because a lot of people do not think that they need the assistance of an experienced an attorney when they are in a collision. However, the process of gathering enough evidence to establish their claim and give them the compensation that they are entitled to can be a very overwhelming process for somebody to handle if they have never done it before. That is why it is recommended to get a hold of experienced litigation attorneys and experienced motor vehicle collision attorneys.

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