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Aurora Car Accident Jury Trials

Aurora car accident jury trials can be difficult to navigate alone. An experienced lawyer could explain how car accident trials work and help you decide what trial could be best for you. Speak with an attorney that could guide you through the trial process and advocate for you.

Are Car Accident Trials Bench Trials or Jury Trials?

Motor vehicle trials are generally jury trials but that does not mean they are exclusively jury trials. Usually, defendants will want to demand a jury because the best reasoning that they have there is that juries are unpredictable. If a defendant demands a jury trial, the plaintiff is stuck by that decision of the defendant. From time to time, the case can be tried to the judge but most defendants do not prefer that because judges are less influenced by tactics of either side that jurors tend to sympathize with or can be influenced while the judge is looking at in a black-and-white matter as opposed to juries who might see it in more of a grey area. It is always the jury. There is a right to have a jury trial and so as long as the person requesting the jury pays the jury fee then the jury trial will go forth. The jury demand fee in Colorado is $190. When the defendants file their answer to the complaint, it is almost universally sent with a request for a jury fee.

Measures to Ensure an Expedient Jury Selection Process

There are measures in place to ensure that the jury selection portion of Aurora car accident jury trials moves along. The measures in place are limiting the amount of peremptory challenges or for-cause challenges that each party gets. Peremptory challenges or peremptory strikes of jurors are when a party is able to strike a juror for no reason whatsoever without being questioned.

The difference between that and a for-cause challenge is, say, that there may be a juror, an attorney may ask the juror a question about their beliefs on personal injury lawyers and personal injury cases and their response is, that they do not like personal injury attorneys and they do not think that any person should be rewarded for being injured in a motor vehicle collision. In that case, that individual has to be removed from the pool because there is no feasible way that that juror can render a fair and unbiased opinion into the case. The judicial system limits the amount of those that parties are able to use on each case and it generally moves the process along quicker. It usually takes two hours to a half-day to do jury selection in some of the bigger cases.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to know that just because one files a lawsuit, it does not necessarily mean that the case is going to proceed to trial. The figure is between 90% and 95% of cases that a lawsuit is filed on motor vehicle collision cases are resolved without a trial. The main reason for that is that juries are unpredictable and most litigators like the idea of being able to control what happens in a case and taking a case to a jury. It is always a risk with six people selected randomly from the county. While the outcome of Aurora car accident jury trials cannot be assured, a skilled car accident attorney could work tirelessly to pursue a positive outcome for those who have been injured.

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