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Motorcycle Accident Factors Affecting Insurance Rates in Aurora

Due to that fact that most people seek out medical treatment following a motorcycle accident, having health insurance can alleviate some of the stress that comes with going through such an experience. Healing is of the utmost importance, which is why an attorney can be a great asset. A skilled personal injury lawyer will know which motorcycle accident factors affecting insurance rates in Aurora, will impact your case, and can strategize accordingly. Therefore, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, get in touch with a lawyer who can devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Determining Insurance Following An Accident

The first thing that should be done following a motorcycle collision is to make sure the person has health insurance. Provide health insurance cards to the hospital and make sure all the medical providers they treat with are aware they have health insurance. Also, the person has a duty to let the health insurance company know that they will seek relief from the tortfeasor. This is done so the health insurance company can subrogate the amount they collect from the tortfeasor.


Insurance companies will subrogate the amount they paid out to the medical providers. This is equal to the amount that was paid, not billed.  In this specific instance, subrogation refers to when an insurance company pays for the damage done to the motorcycle/motorcyclist, and pursues legal action against the negligent party, and recovers the damages.

The subrogation is because a third-party tortfeasor caused the injured party the harm. But for the negligence of the tortfeasor, the injured party would not have sought the medical attention they were seeking. A tortfeasor caused the negligence and the tortfeasor’s insurance company is paying the injured party a sum of money for that negligence. Therefore, the health insurance company is entitled to a portion of those proceeds for the services it was forced to pay because of the tortfeasor’s negligence. That along with other motorcycle accident factors affecting insurance rates in Aurora can affect how much an individual pays for their insurance.

 Impact of Accidents on Insurance Rates

A person’s rates can increase when they are involved in a motorcycle accident because they are involved in an extremely dangerous activity, an activity that will more likely than not cause them serious bodily harm. The harm that results when engaging in this activity is more serious and often more severe than someone involved in, a car collision. Therefore, the insurance company is forced to pay out more money on one’s behalf to medical services they are forced to receive which is one of the motorcycle accident factors affecting insurance rates in Aurora. Insurance premiums will increase because of operating a motorcycle.

Benefit of Working With a Lawyer

The other motorcycle accident factors affecting insurance rates in Aurora include the severity of the injury, how long the individual was hospitalized, what kind of rehabilitation services they need, and whether they will need surgery or any other kind of medical treatment (related to the injury) in the future. A capable personal injury lawyer can work with you, and your insurance company, in order to assure that your rights are protected, and you are getting the care you need. Following an accident, your only concern should be getting better, and a skilled Aurora lawyer will do so, by fighting for the best possible outcome for you.

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