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Aurora Truck Accidents Involving Cell Phones

As defined by Aurora law, drivers are not prevented from using a cell phone while driving. However, texting and driving is not permitted. If a person is on their cell phone searching the internet or writing an email, it is distracting the person and against the law.

The texting while driving or distracted driving fine is fairly minimal in Colorado; it is only $55. There is current legislation pending to up that to $3,000, $300, or $3,000. It will significantly increase the fine and $300 or $3,000 will make it a felony. It will be $300 fine for distracted driving because the number of fatalities and accidents continues to grow.

People are on their phones all the time which can lead to dangerous collisions. If you are interested in filing a claim for Aurora truck accidents involving cell phones, speak with an established personal injury attorney right away. En Español.

Prohibited Operating Behaviors

Hands-free sets are recommended, but not required. A person can talk on their cell phone while driving, but all other activities on the cell phone are prohibited. If a person has a GPS app running while driving, the person cannot be entering the address while driving. The address has to be entered and the directions can be announced, but the person cannot be actively searching for an address while driving. No texting, surfing the internet, responding to email, or watching Netflix or YouTube while driving is allowed.

Hands-Off Cell Phone Laws

Talking using a speakerphone or hands-free set in the car, like Bluetooth, is generally considered lawful. There is not any specific law which prevents a person from pushing the Siri button or whatever button the person has to dictate to talk on the phone, but the person is not allowed to type into the phone.

Commonality of Truck Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

Aurora truck accidents involving cell phones has probably increased with the availability of smartphones and their computer like capabilities. There is an increase in accidents, but it is not known if cell phones have increased the likelihood of accidents caused by truck drivers versus passenger vehicles and the weight of truck.

If the plaintiff is on their phone at the time of the accident, they can be assigned a certain amount of comparative negligence so they have some responsibility. Even if the accident is caused by a truck driver’s negligence and the plaintiff is on their cell phone, then they are also at fault for not paying attention, for not avoiding the accident, and for contributing to the accident.

Speaking with a Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor trailer accidents can cause serious injuries even if the driver was paying attention to the road. However, because distracted driving plays such a strong role in causes of a car accident, it can be critical to establish liability for your collision. Speaking with experienced legal counsel can be beneficial when establishing negligence on the side of the responsible party. They can help you document evidence from or around the scene of the crash. Contact a lawyer about Aurora truck accidents involving cell phones as soon as possible.

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