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Mistakes to Avoid After an Aurora Truck Accident

While being involved in a serious collision can be an overwhelming event in one’s life, know that there are several mistakes to avoid after an Aurora truck accident in order to increase your chances of receiving a just amount of injury compensation. Professional Aurora injury attorneys recommend the following advice to help maximize your recovery. Read on to learn more about mistakes to avoid after an Aurora truck accident, as well as the ways a skilled lawyer can make a difference in your case.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

If an individual refuses treatment at the scene, they are essentially admitting that they have not received serious injuries to a courtroom. Most insurance companies will latch onto what happened immediately after the accident, because the more time an individual spends between the accident and going to see a doctor is seen as being suspicious. Even if the ambulance comes and examines their injuries, individuals should still have an outside medical provider offer an additional evaluation as evidence.

Many individuals refuse treatment from an ambulance at the scene because of financial concerns. As there is not an immediate determination of fault or liability right after the accident, someone may be concerned that they have to face a large medical bill from the outset of the case. Know that even though this may seem stressful, most knowledgeable wreck attorneys will agree that refusing treatment is among the many mistakes to avoid after an Aurora truck accident.

Importance of Following a Doctor’s Orders

Because trucking accidents are so severe, an insurance company will wonder why the individual did not follow the doctor’s orders if they refuse to do so, and could potentially use that as a defense against them. Any pain or subsequent injury that the individual may later develop could be considered their own fault because they did not take specific steps that the doctor instructed.

Recorded Statements

In an attempt to resolve the issue quickly, some individuals may decide to simply give a recorded statement to the insurance company and settle with whatever amount of money is offered to them. However, this situation puts the driver at risk for being drastically underpaid without full knowledge of how much compensation they could actually be eligible to receive. In order to avoid this circumstance, it is wise to consult with a professional lawyer in order to receive an outsider’s perspective on one’s compensation estimate.

Failure to Contact an Attorney Right After the Accident

It is important to contact an attorney right after a truck accident to ensure that all necessary evidence is preserved, the witnesses are interviewed, the insurance company is not taking a recorded statement, and that the injured driver can receive proper medical treatment as soon as possible. In this way, when questions of liability arise, a dedicated lawyer can be involved right away to offer their assistance.

In order to assist an injured driver after an accident, a determined attorney can send letters of representation to the insurance company, get in contact with the truck driver’s employer, and ensure that the police have done a proper investigation so evidence from the scene can be preserved for accident reconstruction purposes. By coordinating all of this information, a weathered lawyer can give you more time and space to focus on your medical recovery rather than worrying about fighting in court. If you have questions about mistakes to avoid after an Aurora truck accident, reach out to a distinguished injury attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

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