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Insurance Mistakes following an Aurora Truck Accident

While being involved in a serious collision with a truck can be an overwhelming experience, know that there are several insurance mistakes following an Aurora truck accident that individuals will want to be cautious of while communicating with the party at fault. Well-intentioned statements could be interpreted as admissions of liability if recorded and used against you in court. A dedicated collision attorney can help you avoid these common mistakes to protect your eligibility to receive injury compensation. Read on to learn more about insurance mistakes following an Aurora truck accident, as well as the ways a qualified lawyer can assist your case.

Risks of Admitting Fault and Apologizing

Admitting fault could potentially damage one’s ability to receive coverage after a trucking accident. Even apologizing can be taken as an admission of fault and therefore liability for the commercial vehicle collision. Because Colorado is a comparative negligence state, if someone admits any portion of the fault, it could destroy their case if there is any question about liability and how the accident happened. Insurance policies can also deny coverage because they contain statements asserting that individuals should not admit fault during or after an accident.

Checks Offered by Insurance Companies

If the insurance company of the driver at-fault offers the plaintiff a check that they feel reflects an unfairly low amount of coverage, that settlement can be revoked with the help of a professional attorney within 30 days. However, if that check is accepted at any point on or after day 31, a lawyer will not be able to bring about a case to contest it. After that point in time, the agreement is considered a finalized settlement.

In Colorado, the other driver’s insurance company is not allowed to offer the plaintiff a check within the first 30 days unless it is for property damage. Property damage can be taken care of relatively quickly. But they are not allowed to offer the individual treatment for their bodily injuries until after 30 days as a protective measure to keep individuals from making an impulsive decision while seriously injured.

Recorded Statements

Individuals must be cautious when speaking to an insurance company, as any recorded statements given to that organization can be used against them in court. It is significant to be aware that even phone conversations could be recorded without one’s knowledge. Before speaking with insurance representatives about what happened at the scene of the truck accident, it is highly recommended that individuals consult with a knowledgeable Aurora attorney who can help them avoid making mistakes that are harmful to their case. If someone has not seen the police report on the accident and does not know all the facts of the situation, they could potentially give assertions that seem inconsistent with their need to receive compensation.

Let an Aurora Attorney Help You Avoid Insurance Mistakes following a Truck Accident

An experienced lawyer can help warn you about insurance mistakes following an Aurora truck accident while providing you with advice regarding communications with the insurance company and what to expect throughout the settlement or trial’s proceedings. A weathered attorney can help gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and act as an aggressive advocate for your compensation while you focus on your medical recovery. If you require legal counsel following a truck accident, reach out to a lawyer knowledgeable in preventing insurance mistakes following an Aurora truck accident today.

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