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How to Avoid A Winter Car Accident

van driving on frozen road while it snows

Winter is approaching and with it are the dangers of winter weather. Snowstorms and cold temperatures bring hazardous road conditions such as iced-over roads, poor visibility, and more.

It is crucial to take all possible steps to avoid a winter car accident. Not only can these save your life, but they could also help you avoid a drawn-out personal injury claim. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that simply cannot be prevented. If you have been injured in a winter weather accident, our dedicated attorneys could help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Winter Weather Collisions

Bad road conditions can be caused by rain, snow, and ice. Snow and rain can decrease visibility, cause hydroplaning, and make it difficult to control your car. Black ice is an especially dangerous threat, as it can be so thin that it is not visible. Snow-covered roads can also make it difficult to judge distance or see other cars.

Failing to regularly maintain your vehicle can also cause problems during the winter. Not checking your tires, oil filter, battery, wipers, and antifreeze could leave you in a dangerous situation, especially when the weather is not on your side.

Safety Tips to Avoid a Winter Car Wreck

Although driving in winter weather is never ideal, there are steps that you can take to keep yourself safe. This winter, avoid being involved in a serious accident by practicing some of these safety tips:

  • Ensure your car is up to date on maintenance
  • Check your tires– inflation and tread are especially important for driving in the winter
  • Charge your cell phone and bring portable chargers if possible
  • Keep winter gear in your car– a blanket, hat, gloves, water, and food can help you if your car breaks down
  • Keep an ice scraper and brush in your car and clear off your windshield, windows, and headlights before driving
  • Do not drive above the speed limit
  • Increase the distance between yourself and other cars in front of you– rain, ice, and snow can make it harder for your vehicle to decelerate or stop on time
  • Keep your gas tank above half full– this can help keep your fuel line from freezing
  • Avoid using cruise control
  • Have a car safety kit with items like jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, and a first aid kit
  • Tell friends and family where you are going, what route you are taking, and when you expect to get there

Following these safety precautions can help keep yourself and others safe while driving in winter weather.

Reach out to a Committed Attorney After a Winter Car Accident

If you or someone you love have been injured in a winter car crash, you could be eligible for financial compensation for your losses. An experienced lawyer could help you determine who might be at fault for your accident and walk you through your legal options for recovery. To learn more about what our compassionate legal team could do for you after a winter car accident, contact us today.

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