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Preventable Crash Results in the Death of a Marine Veteran

On January 19, 2018, Kevin Clayton turned in front of a motorcycle, killing Curtis Littlepage, a Marine veteran.

Curtis Littlepage, 35, was riding to the Harley Davidson dealer that Friday afternoon, on his way to have new saddlebags installed on his motorcycle. He was a quiet man, always ready to listen and observe what was going on around him. However, he was never afraid to speak his mind according to his mother.

Kevin Clayton has been in trouble with the law many times due to abusing alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. He received a DUI when he was just 17 years old in Mesa County and another two in Washington state just one year apart.

On the night of the tragedy, police received a call from James Whitmore, who witnessed Clayton driving recklessly. Whitmore was on the phone with dispatchers when he witnessed Clayton turn in front of Littlepage’s bike. Littlepage was not wearing a helmet and was unconscious as other witnesses jumped out their cars to help him.

Littlepage’s family is suing, saying that Kevin Clayton should have already been behind bars from previous crimes, instead of behind the wheel. Clayton’s driver’s license had been taken away, he had four DUI’s on his record, and he also skipped or failed 40 required drug tests. Littlepage’s family says that because Clayton’s probation officers did not do enough on their part, it resulted in Clayton being on the road that night and killing their beloved family member.

Clayton is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for vehicular homicide and other charges. The probation officers, county, and state agencies are facing a very serious lawsuit filed by Littlepage’s family accusing them of misconduct and alleging if they had taken action against Clayton sooner, Curtis Littlepage would still be alive.

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