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Paraplegia is a type of paralysis that occurs when someone is paralyzed in their legs, and it may also impact part of their torso. Paraplegia exists on a spectrum, meaning your injuries may differ from someone else’s, and your recovery should be based on your situation, not theirs.

One of the primary jobs of a Denver paraplegia injury lawyer is making a judge or jury see you as a person and realize how your paraplegia impacts your life and your family so they can appreciate the changes and award appropriate damages. Counsel from an experienced paralysis attorney can encourage a judge, jury, or insurance company to offer settlements high enough to cover all your needs.

Causes of Paraplegia

Paraplegia is rarely caused by a problem with one’s legs. Instead, it is usually caused by damage to the brain or spinal cord that interrupts the nerves that send signals to the legs or the rest of the lower body, resulting in full or partial loss of muscle control or sensation.

Brain or spinal cord damage are the two most common causes of paraplegia, which can happen in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, diving accidents, sports accidents, household accidents, and falls.

Other injuries and nerve damage can lead to feelings of paralysis. Broken bones or severed nerves could lead to loss of sensation or movement in an area, but these do not usually create paraplegia-like symptoms. Regardless of the cause of a person’s paraplegia, when someone’s negligence contributed to the injury, a paraplegia injury lawyer in Denver could get the injured person compensation.

Degrees of Paraplegia

People can experience different degrees of paraplegia, which can impact the legs, parts of the torso, sexual function, bladder and bowel control, and even the ability to breathe. In addition, paralysis can create issues for the body’s involuntary responses, such as impacting heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature regulation.

Paraplegia can worsen over time, but it can also improve with time, therapy, and medical interventions. Some people may never walk again, while others may regain some ambulatory function. It can be challenging to know the full extent of the injuries in the immediate aftermath of an accident, making it critical for people to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Diagnosing paraplegia can be a lengthy process. The lack of sensation after an injury can be due to pressure or compression of the nerves and does not necessarily signal permanent injury. To diagnose permanent paralysis, doctors may need to run various diagnostic tests, including lumbar punctures, blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. They will usually run these tests in the first week or two after an injury, though they may run repeated tests during treatment. A Denver paraplegia injury lawyer could use the results of those tests as evidence of a diagnosis.

Talk to a Paraplegia Injury Attorney in Denver

Paraplegia is life-altering and can impact not only mobility but also self-care and often the ability to work. It can wreak havoc on relationships, transforming partners into caregivers and impairing your sex life. After the initial costs following an accident, this form of paralysis can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in expenses each year. A Denver paraplegia injury lawyer could help you recover financial compensation for your injuries. Contact an attorney to schedule a consultation and find out more.

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