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Denver Dog Bite Lawyer

A person bit by a dog could not only be subject to painful injuries but could also suffer long-term trauma which could definitely impact the rest of their life. People must be aware that they should seek medical assistance as soon as possible to treat their wounds. It is also important to make a report with the police so that there is a record of the incident. If you have been bitten by a dog, get in contact with a dedicated attorney today. A Denver dog bite lawyer could see to it that you are properly compensated for your damages.

Conducting an Investigation and Proving Liability

A Denver dog bite attorney could obtain a private investigator if necessary. They might send a spoliation letter to preserve evidence and contact the prosecutor to secure the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance if they are charged with a crime. An attorney might contact witnesses and secure evidence.

To prove liability, an injury attorney with experience in dog bite cases must prove that the owner of the dog had a duty of care. They must prove that the owner breached their duty of care and that breach in the duty was the cause of the injury suffered by the plaintiff. The plaintiff must prove that they incurred damages because of the dog bite.

Misconceptions People Have About Dog Bite Cases in Denver

Individuals may believe that they are not seriously injured by a dog bite with scratches or abrasions and avoid seeking medical help. People may think that if they are scratched or nipped by a dog, it is not a big deal. However, this is a common, yet dangerous, example of Denver dog bite misconceptions. Infections and other diseases may occur because of a dog bite. When someone has an injury after a dog bite, they should seek medical attention immediately.

When a person hires an attorney and has not seen a medical professional, the attorney can advise them to see a doctor to treat their injuries. If the injured person does not have any money, the attorney can determine whether insurance is available that might cover the expense of a doctor visit. There may be assets they can tap into to recover for any injuries.

Common Mistakes Regarding Claims

Common mistakes people make regarding dog bite claims are failing to call the police and failing to file a report with proper authorities. Failing to file a report makes it difficult to prove a person’s case and the at-fault party cannot be charged with a crime if the police are never called.

An injured person should contact an attorney immediately after suffering a dog bite. A Denver attorney can preserve evidence that might get lost after a dog bite. Time is of the essence when hiring an attorney for a dog bite. If the evidence is lost or cannot be located, it is may be lost forever.

Importance of Contacting a Denver Dog Bite Attorney

The top three reasons a person should hire a Denver dog bite lawyer when they are bitten by a dog are:

  • An attorney can work to maximize the amount the injured person can recover
  • They can tap into coverage of the homeowner’s policy to help pay for medical costs
  • The attorney can focus on the injured party’s case so the injured person can focus on recovering and getting their life back to normal

People like to wait before they contract an attorney because they think that the other party might do the right thing. Unfortunately, that is not the case and it is not wise to wait because as time goes by, evidence could be lost and stories may change. It helps to have everything secured before moving forward with the case.

Waiting to hire an attorney is never a good idea. If the person fails to quickly gather the evidence, it may be lost forever. If the at-fault party is charged with a crime, a Denver dog bite lawyer can make a request that they enter into a plea with the contingency to provide their homeowner’s insurance information which may help recover compensation for the injured party. Lawyers navigate through the red tape and let the injured party focus on their recovery instead of worrying about legal matters the attorney might address. Call today to get started on your case.

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