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Denver SSI Application Process

Obtaining supplemental security income (SSI) benefits is a difficult process which requires a high level of attention to detail, as well as the submission of sensitive documents such as medical records and employment history. Luckily, there are legal advocates ready to help you avoid making any mistakes during the application process. If you wish to learn more about the Denver SSI application process, or require help with acquiring SSI benefits, schedule a consultation with an experienced injury attorney today.

What is the Social Security National Appeals Council?

The Social Security National Appeals Council is the council that would consider an administrative law judge’s decision. How a claimant is typically involved in this is if their claim for disability benefits is denied by an administrative law judge, then the claimant has the right to request an appeal of that decision. That appeal has to be done in a given period of time from the receipt of the administrative law judge’s decision.

The appeals council will determine whether they believe that the administrative law judge committed an error in making their determination. The appeals council can either overrule the administrative law judge’s decision or agree with the administrative law judge’s decision, and that is the function of the appeals council. They essentially review the administrative law judge’s decision.

Overturning a Decision

When deciding to overturn a lower decision, the Social Security National Appeals Council may consider whether the administrative law judge’s determination was in conformity with the Social Security laws and regulations. They may decide that the judge’s ruling, for a variety of reasons, was in error or incorrect for a variety of different reasons.

Processing Time for an SSI Application in Denver

The processing time for an SSI application is typically at least two years. However, there may be some exceptions that may expedite the process. For example, if someone is approved at the initial level for their disability, the processing time could be a couple of months.

Important Documents for Obtaining SSI Benefits

The most important information that would be needed at an SSI hearing is the claimant’s medical records from the period of time where their disability began, otherwise known as the alleged onset date. However, there are also other important information that would be evaluated. A claimant applying for SSI benefits may need to present their:

  • Employment history
  • Educational background
  • Exertional demands that their work requires

The Social Security Administration would categorize each claimant into a heavy exertional category, medium category, sedentary or light category. That is not necessarily information that a person is required to provide, but it is information that the SSA would consider in determining a particular claimant’s disability.

How Could an Attorney Help?

Having an experienced attorney at your side could increase the likelihood of submitting a successful SSI application. An attorney could walk you through the Denver SSI application process and advise you with the rules and regulations of the SSA. A lawyer also has the ability to thoroughly review your disabilities and present them in a way which conforms with the requirements and rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

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