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Self-Sufficiency in Denver SSI Applications

A plan for self-sufficiency is a plan a disabled person receiving SSI could use to save money in an effort to no longer require SSI. This plan is most useful for people who are receiving SSI and possess the ability to qualify for a job. If you would like to learn more about self-sufficiency in Denver SSI applications, feel free to reach to schedule a consultation to begin a reviewal of your situation. A distinguished lawyer could be your most important ally.

Applying for SSI Benefits in Denver

Once a person is deemed eligible for SSI and is receiving SSI for payments for their disability, they can contact Social Security and find out how they qualify to set aside some of their income for either school or starting a business in order to become self-sufficient.

The plan has to be in writing and Social Security has to approve it. In order to begin that process, the person receiving SSI needs to contact their Social Security Office for the application and then go through the steps describing what their work goal is and what the claimant thinks they can do when they complete their plan.

If it is a successful plan, it would help the person receiving SSI to stop receiving SSI, and consequently become self-sufficient. In other words, it allows them to qualify for a job that they were not previously qualified for.

Disregarded and In-Kind Income

Disregarded income excludes the first $65 in earnings and one-half of all earnings over $65 in a month. Those are earned income exclusions. This comes into effect when a person has been determined to be disabled.

In-kind income is unearned income. In other words, it is not the result of employment, but the result of food or shelter for the recipient that is categorized as in-kind support and maintenance or ISM. Other types of in-kind income include certain types of gifts. It becomes relevant for receiving SSI because an SSI beneficiary can have their monthly payment reduced if they earn what is categorized as in-kind income. Income defined as wages from working, pension or SSDI benefits are not forms of in-kind income.

Living Situation Affecting SSI Payments

A person receiving SSI benefits may be disqualified if they are no longer deemed to be indignant. In regards to a person’s living situation, they may become disqualified for SSI if they inherit a home or get married to someone who has an income that is over the household income requirements. If SSA determines that an SSI beneficiary is receiving certain types of in-kind income or other types of income, it could reduce or completely eliminate the beneficiary’s SSI income or benefits.

Working With of an Experienced Attorney

A person considering applying for SSI should sit with an experienced attorney to go over the application process. An attorney could inform you of the paperwork you are expected to complete in order to apply for SSI. An attorney could also review the circumstances of your case and advise you of the likelihood of obtaining SSI benefits. Schedule a consultation today to get started on a case or for more information.

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