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Disability benefits are a vital asset to anyone suffering from a mental or physical impairment. Fortunately, those who qualify for such benefits could do so by getting in touch with the Social Security Administration and do what is requested of them. However, this could prove to be difficult if you are unfamiliar with legal writing or what documents are needed to obtain benefits. For example, many claimants are unaware that they may have to take a Denver consultative exam in order to receive benefits. If you wish to learn more, continue reading below, or contact a trusted SSDI attorney.

What is a Consultative Exam?

If Social Security determines there are inadequate medical records, the SSA may assign a doctor to complete an evaluation to determine what the claimant’s abilities and disabilities are. However, one of the main problems with a consultative examination is it does not provide a longitudinal view over the course of months or years of the claimant’s condition. The doctor may have only evaluated the claimant during the course of an interview that lasted from 30 minutes to an hour. With this in mind, it is recommended for a claimant to be seeing a doctor regularly from the date of the onset of the disability if at all possible.

Purpose of a Consultative Exam

Social Security relies heavily on medical information to determine the claimant’s disability. If the claimant cannot provide adequate medical records, a Denver consultative exam may be issued. Another situation may arise where different doctors are providing contradictory information about the claimant, or the treating doctors are not providing specific enough information to satisfy Social Security. Social Security at their own cost would send the claimant to a doctor to see if that doctor can obtain more information or make their own diagnosis on the claimant’s condition.

Benefits of a Consultative Exam

A consultative exam could prove to be of great benefit if the claimant has not received any medical treatment. However, it is preferred is that the claimant is regularly seeing a doctor immediately from the onset of the disability.

Collecting Evidence

The consultative examiner would gain from the claimant information about what the claimant believes their disability to be, or asserts their disability to be, and makes appropriate medical evaluations with respect to that disability. The doctor may also attempt to make an evaluation or diagnosis regarding disabilities that the claimant has not asserted they have.

Reasons Why a Primary Health Care Physician May Refuse an Exam

A claimant’s primary health care physician may want to refuse a consultative exam considering that they would not be the ones providing the exam. A physician chosen by the SSA conducts this exam. The claimant’s doctor is not required to offer any opinion regarding the claimant’s capacity to be employed at any job and can refuse to complete a questionnaire regarding the evaluation of a patient. For more information about Denver consultative exams, reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer.

Reach Out to an Attorney

Obtaining SSDI benefits is a difficult task to undertake without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Unfortunately, there are many laws in place regarding disability benefits, which could be confusing to someone who has limited experience dealing with such cases. However, those wishing to learn more about SSDI benefits or a Denver consultative exam should get in touch with an attorney today.

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