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Side Impact/T-bone Car Accidents in Johnstown

“T-bone” collisions frequently occur when drivers are forced to cross paths with traffic coming from another direction, such as at intersections, roundabouts, or merging lanes. These collisions can lead to vehicles striking each other at right angles in a dangerous side impact.

When you or a loved one are harmed in a car wreck by another driver, an attorney with experience in side impact/T-bone car accidents in Johnstown may be able to help you hold the other driver financially responsible for your injuries. An experienced car accident attorney could also help you handle correspondence and negotiations with insurance companies and medical bill collectors so you can focus on recovering physically.

Common Injuries in Side Impact Collisions

Most cars are designed to protect against front- and rear-end collisions. The vehicle’s frame, airbags, and seatbelts all provide better protection when the car is struck from either end. In a T-bone collision, the car’s occupants are left more exposed, which can lead to catastrophic injuries, including:

When another person is responsible for these injuries, the damages awarded should go beyond the medical bills the injured person has already incurred. A Johnstown lawyer could work with the necessary experts after a side impact or T-bone car accident to help ensure the award is sufficient to cover any costs or expenses associated with future medical expenses, rehabilitation, nursing or hospice services, or adjustments to the injured person’s lifestyle due to decreased mobility or working capacity.

What If Both Drivers Are at Fault?

Before an injured person can recover an award from another driver, it is their responsibility to prove the other driver was at fault for the accident. Determining fault in a car wreck can be complicated, and it is common in many side impact T-bone collisions in Johnstown that both drivers share at least partial responsibility. For example, one driver may have run a red light but the other driver was speeding at the time of the accident.

Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-111 says the fact the injured person’s actions contributed to the accident does not prevent them from holding the other driver responsible, so long as the injured person’s responsibility for the accident is not as great as the other driver’s. An injured person can still recover damages if their proportionate responsibility for the wreck is less than 50%, but the statute also states any award granted to the injured person will be reduced in proportion to their amount of responsibility. An attorney could help analyze the accident and explain to their client the likelihood of whether they share any responsibility for their injuries and the potential effects that may have on their case.

Schedule a Consultation With Attorney After a Johnstown Side Impact Car Collision

Accidents on the roadways are stressful events, and they can leave you with many things to take care of—logistically, physically, financially, and emotionally. An experienced lawyer could relieve some of those burdens by helping you to manage your case, empowering you to understand your rights and options, and assisting you in receiving financial compensation for your injuries.

Call an attorney who could help you pursue compensation after a side impact/T-bone car accident in Johnstown today.

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