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Lakewood Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

For most people who drive, car accidents can seem almost inevitable. However, you might not expect to have an accident in a parking lot, where cars are either stopped or traveling at low speed. Despite that, parking lot accidents do occur and, like all car crashes, can result in significant damage or injury.

A Lakewood parking lot accident lawyer may be able to assist you with the aftermath of such an accident. An experienced car accident attorney could investigate your specific situation to see whether you may be entitled to compensation for any of your expenses. They could also represent you in court to help you obtain the best possible settlement or verdict.

Types of Damage in Parking Lot Accidents

Accidents in a parking lot may produce different types of vehicular damage, ranging from broken headlights to crumpled bumpers or fenders and broken or bent vehicle doors. Anyone who experiences property damage in a parking lot accident may be able to collect compensation to offset their repair expenses.

Additionally, those who suffer physical injuries in a parking lot accident may also be able to recover damages for those injuries. A Lakewood parking lot accident attorney could provide more information on the types of financial recovery an accident victim may be able to collect.

Laws Relevant to Local Parking Lot Accidents

According to Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-101, Colorado mandates a three-year statute of limitations for civil lawsuits claiming injury or property damage as a result of any vehicular accident. This means that a parking lot accident victim must generally file a lawsuit within three years of the date on which the accident occurred. Prospective plaintiffs may wish to obtain legal representation from a Lakewood parking lot accident lawyer in to ensure they meet the filing deadline for their case.

Premises Liability in Parking Lots

Any parking lot accident may also factor in aspects of premises liability law in addition to personal injury statutes. Premises liability generally refers to the legal principle that a landowner is responsible for another person’s injuries or damages that occur while they are on that landowner’s property. Therefore, an individual injured in a parking lot accident may also be able to hold the owner of the parking lot liable for any injuries.

In Colorado, a landowner’s liability varies according to the status of the visitor on the property, as stated in CRS §13-21-115. In many parking lot accidents, the injured individual is most likely an “invitee,” or a person who has entered the property to transact some kind of business. Under the aforementioned statute, the parking lot owner must protect these kinds of business visitors against any dangers they actually knew or should have known.

Calling a Lakewood Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Although parking lot car accidents usually involve collisions at reduced speed, they may nonetheless result in significant damage. If you experienced a parking lot accident and suffered damages as a result, you may have legal options for recovery available to you.

A Lakewood parking lot accident lawyer could review your accident and see if you have a legal case against those responsible. They could then file a civil lawsuit on your behalf and see that you get the compensation you deserve. Get started defending your rights by contacting a dedicated attorney today for a consultation.

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