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A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle tips over on its side or roof. Rollover crashes are one of the deadliest types of traffic collisions and comprise about two percent of all traffic crashes. More than one in every three fatal accidents is related to a rollover accident. Victims of such an accident should retain the help of a trusted criminal attorney in order to hold the person who caused the accident accountable for their negligence. With the assistance of a Lakewood rollover car accident lawyer, you may be able to obtain the damages owed to you.

Common Fact Patterns in a Rollover Crash

Rollover accidents could occur at any time at an intersection or on a highway. In most cases, speeding is a direct cause of a rollover accident. High-centered vehicles, such as jeeps and SUV’s, are also often involved in rollover accidents.

What separates rollover accidents from other accidents is the high-potential for fatal injuries. If the driver or passengers are not wearing their seatbelts, they may be thrown violently around the inside of the vehicle, inflicting significant injury onto the victims.

Preventing a Rollover Accident

There are a couple of simple ways drivers could take to minimize the likelihood of a rollover accident. A driver could drive several lengths back from the vehicle in front of them on the highway and keeping a safe distance. Drivers should also take extra precaution when crossing through an intersection, no matter if the have the right of way. Even if the light is green, indicating that the driver has the legal right to travel through the intersection, that would not completely stop someone from flying through a red light and striking them on the side and making them flip over.

Unfortunately, not all accidents are preventable. If someone is caught in a snowstorm, they may have difficulty avoiding a rollover accident due to the horrid conditions on the road. Driving on steep inclines, unprotected roads, two-lane highways where each lane is going in different directions, and on highways where cars enter and exit without warning are frequent situations where rollover accidents occur.

Documenting an Auto Flip Wreck

The first thing an individual should do is make sure no one is injured or in need of medical attention. With a rollover accident, it is probably best to call for an ambulance regardless of whether people indicate they are okay due to the severity of the accident.

If someone has a cellphone, they should call 911 for medical assistance and call for police assistance to have a police officer document the accident. The person should exchange information with the other driver and get as much information from witnesses to the accident as possible. Sometimes, vehicles have recording devices and those are of benefit as well. Every piece of information and evidence is helpful in documenting what happened during a rollover accident.

Promptly following an accident, a victim should investigate the services and opportunities provided by a Lakewood rollover car accident lawyer. With legal assistance, they may be able to put together a convincing claim meriting a justified compensation award.

Reach Out to a Lakewood Rollover Car Accident Attorney

The attorney helps the victim of the rollover accident who is not at fault for the accident obtain compensation for pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, damaged property, for loss of relations with loved ones, and other compensation for the victim of a rollover accident.

Victims who have suffered significant injuries as the result of a rollover accident caused by the negligence of another person should work with an attorney to obtain compensation for their damages. With the help of a Lakewood rollover car accident lawyer, you may be able to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, and damaged property. To get started on your claim, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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