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Steps to Take After A Lakewood Rollover Car Accident

Rollover car accidents are extremely dangerous. Those involved in a rollover crash often sustain devasting injuries such as severe head injuries, organ damage, broken bones, and spinal or neck trauma. When on the road there are many things a driver could do to prevent a crash. Speak to a seasoned attorney about the steps to take after a Lakewood rollover car accident.

Safety Tips To Help People Prevent a Rollover Accident

For people who wish to avoid rollover accidents with commercial vehicles, they should do the following or employ the following—they should employ the following tactics to avoid such accidents:

They should drive slower and observe traffic speed limits. They should stay alert. They should put down their cell phones. They should stay clear of large commercial vehicles. Commercial drivers are driving larger vehicles with higher centers of gravity should do what they can to lower the center of gravity on the vehicle, buckle their seat belts, slow down for turns, respect road conditions, keep tires in balance, do not drink and drive and give other vehicles a wide berth.

If a rollover is unavoidable, there are steps that can be taken that will increase the chances of a rollover accident survival and those are as follows.

Always wear their seatbelt before they begin driving. The majority of people killed each year in rollover accidents were not wearing seatbelts. Single vehicle rollover actions result in more occupant ejections than any other type of accident. Properly wearing a seatbelt is the number one way to increase their chances of surviving a rollover accident.

What if an Accident is Unavoidable?

If a driver feels that their vehicle or another vehicle is starting to tip and they fear it’s about to rollover or another vehicle is about to rollover on top of them, immediately lift their feet from the pedals. This move may prevent severe ankle injuries.

If the rollover begins to happen, let go of the steering wheel and crush their arms against their chest while pressing their body deep into the seat. Make every effort not to lean forward as the car rolls. Remain calm. Once the vehicle comes to rest, it’s crucial they try to stay calm.

First, assess themselves and their passengers for injuries. If they are able, turn off the engine, embrace their feet against the floor to stabilize themselves. Take several deep breaths to attempt to reset their nervous system which will be an adrenaline rush.

If anyone in the vehicle is seriously injured, do not move them and call 911 immediately. If their vehicle comes to a rest upside down and they don’t appear to have sustained any injuries, brace one hand on the ceiling while stabilizing their feet on the vehicle floor using the other hand under their seatbelt. This maneuver should be done very carefully, so as to not cause injury or further injury.

If the structure of the car has not been severely damaged, the door may open. If not, they will need to roll down the window. If a window is broken, clear away glass shards and debris before attempting to exit. Once free from the vehicle, help any passengers exit if it’s stable and move quickly away from the vehicle. Stay clear of traffic.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where people survived a rollover accident and then were killed moments later by oncoming traffic, move to the shoulder and stay as far away from oncoming traffic as possible as they wait for first responders to arrive.

Documenting a Rollover Crash

Documentation could help their case resolve faster and with a better outcome, therefore, there are a variety of steps they should take to document their accident.

Don not trust their memory. If a driver is able to make physical notes or record the scene with their phone recorder and through video documentation, they should record the scene of the accident with their cell phone. They should call 911 to have the law enforcement arrive at the scene to also document the scene. Additionally, drivers should enlist help to document the accident. They should incorporate each detail of what they observed and experienced.

Schedule a Consultation with a Lakewood Car Crash Attorney

There are many steps an individual should take to prevent a rollover car crash. As soon as possible following a car accident, it is best to retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney. A skilled lawyer could help you understand the steps to take after a Lakewood rollover car accident. Call today to learn more.

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