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Types of Injuries Sustained in Lakewood Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents are frequent occurrence throughout the local area. Whether caused by a driver’s error, lack of care, or failing to maintain their vehicles, the types of injuries sustained in a dump truck accident could prove to be painful and costly.

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Why are Dump Trucks so Dangerous?

Dump truck accidents are particularly hazardous because they carry extremely heavy loads such as dirt or pieces of cement and other building materials and residues which are normally extremely heavy. Whenever a person is involved in a collision with a heavy vehicle, they are likely to suffer serious injuries. Also, since the driver in the dump truck is very high off the ground, the height can obscure the vision of the driver and cause blind spots all around the vehicle.

Lastly, dump trucks are often involved with frequent backing. Backing dump trucks with huge blind spots can cause accidents with pedestrians and workers who are not aware of the sudden backing of the dump truck or the dumping of the dump truck. Consequently, due to the increased possibility of a variety of accident, dump trucks can be extremely hazardous and cause the same sorts of injuries as auto accident but with much more serious consequences.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Have to Account for in a Dump Truck Accident?

There are multiple factors that an insurance carrier has to account for, including the carelessness of the driver, whether the driver was intoxicated or involved with drug use in the process of driving, whether the driver employed safety procedures in the operation of the dump truck, whether the driver received appropriate training in the operation as a dump truck, whether the driver inspected the dump truck–whether the driver was trained to inspect the dump truck by his employer, whether the driver-was this driver inspected his vehicle, was the driver is careless, the driver’s percentage of negligence involved in the accident versus that of the employer or others involved in the accident.

What Types of Damages Could Victims Recover in a Lakewood Truck Accident?

Among the damages that people might seek, although not an exhaustive list, would include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of recreational activity and other activities enjoyed by the injured party that they may never be able to participate in again, and future wage loss where the injured party has become so disabled by the accident that they will experience a loss of wage in their employment for the rest of their life.

Punitive damages are dependent on whether the company or driver had been cited previously for negligence and whether remedial steps had been taken previously. An experienced attorney could pursue these types of injury for an injured party.

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The types of injuries sustained in Lakewood dump truck accidents could prove to be quite severe. Not only would victims face a significant amount in damages, but they may also miss time from work in order to heal from their injuries. With these combined factors, victims cannot afford to not have the guilty party held accountable.

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