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Our Firm’s Approach to Lakewood Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful death actions are generally worth far in excess in terms of dollar value compared to what another personal injury case might be worth due to the fact that someone died as a result of a negligent party. Additionally, because there is so much is at stake, wrongful death claims are opposed much more vehemently by the defendant insurance company.

Simply stated, a wrongful death claim has numerous complicating factors that require the attention of an experienced attorney. Sometimes, surviving loved ones of an injured party who died at the negligence of another make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced attorney who misses deadlines and loses the case before it ever has any opportunity to be settled or proceed to a courtroom. Our firm’s approach to Lakewood wrongful death actions is much more comprehensive and will ensure that your case is handled with care and compassion at every stage.

The Value of Compassion in Wrongful Death Cases

A compassionate legal professional can arouse the emotions of a jury who could potentially add significant value to a wrongful death case. Our team will make sure to emphasize those factors that will incite the passions of jurors and, thus, potentially bring a much higher settlement value or a higher compensatory award for the decedent and their surviving family.

Understanding a Family’s Loss

Our team of dedicated attorneys understand the hardships that families face after the wrongful death of a loved one. For example, depending on the age of the decedent, their passing can have an increased impact on the grief of their surviving loved ones. To put it another way, the younger a person is, who passed away as the result of another person’s negligence, the more grief is involved for the survivors, typically.

Additionally, if the decedent was the primary income earner in their family, they may have a husband or wife who was dependent on that income and is now faced with multiple bills that they don’t know how to pay or don’t have the resources to pay. Such financial difficulties multiply the burden for the surviving family.

Furthermore, funeral expenses can be extremely steep, often totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars, and the family may not have the means to adequately bury their deceased loved one. In summary, there are multiple factors which can multiply the grief and the burden on the surviving parties to the to the accident. In addition to those, the survivors may be faced with extremely high medical bills that force them into bankruptcy.

Working with a legal team that understands the magnitude of an unexpected death can help alleviate these burdens. Our firm’s approach to wrongful death cases in Lakewood involves taking the lead in legal proceedings so families can focus on grieving in a healthy way.

Learn More about Our Firm’s Approach to Lakewood Wrongful Death Actions

An experienced wrongful death attorney will be sensitive to the multiple factors and burdens undertaken by the survivors and dependents of the decedent and be in touch with the resources they need to overcome these obstacles. We can give your family access to both legal and financial resources.

Our team will not only provide the compassion required for your family to get through this difficult period, but also the legal experience necessary obtain the maximum compensation owed to you for your loved one’s death. To learn more about our firm’s approach to Lakewood wrongful death actions, give us a call today.

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