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Westminster Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Even minor and moderate traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can disrupt someone’s normal functioning. While treatment could provide relief to those suffering, the costs associated with long-term care for TBIs can be staggering.

Many individuals who find themselves in these situations are unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately, it is possible for people facing even these kinds of injuries to recover not just physically, but financially as well.

If someone’s negligence caused your injury, a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help you. Allow a diligent Westminster traumatic brain injury lawyer to assist you with collecting evidence of harm related to an accident, so you could hold any negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A myriad of accidents can cause a traumatic brain injury, but older adults and senior citizens usually bear an increased risk of suffering a TBI if they are injured. A few common causes of TBIs in Westminster include:

Suffering a TBI may impact a victim’s entire life, altering their emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral wellbeing. While harmed individuals receive treatment, a compassionate Westminster traumatic brain injury lawyer could work to develop a strong civil claim. Among other tasks, an attorney could collect evidence of fault for the injury, contact witnesses for testimony, and examine any relevant police and medical reports to identify all negligent parties.

Determining Negligence in a TBI Case

Even a mild traumatic brain injury may cause problems with sleep, memory, balance, and vision for the victim. The injury may also result in further medical complications, including seizures, infections, depression, obesity, and pneumonia. Previously independent people may lose the ability to drive and work, and they may be forced to rely on family and friends for constant care.

Consequently, injured people and their families must typically develop a long-term plan for ongoing care and disease management. Long-term care is typically costly, though, and for this reason, it may be beneficial for injured people to strongly consider seeking legal action.

If another person’s actions directly caused a TBI, an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer in Westminster could investigate the circumstances of the accident in question and help identify which parties bear responsibility. Once these parties are identified, plaintiffs may be asked to demonstrate that negligence occurred.

This usually involves showing a defendant acted in a manner that disregarded their reasonable duty of care and that directly resulted in physical damages to the plaintiff. A TBI attorney would be able to assist with evaluating a claim and presenting a case for damages.

Consult with an Experienced Westminster Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Many TBI survivors who worked full-time prior to their injuries are unable to return to work. Others require long-term medical treatment or rely on friends and family for daily care. This may significantly impact a family’s financial situation and be emotionally devastating for previously self-sustaining individuals.

No matter what caused a TBI, a skilled Westminster traumatic brain injury lawyer could help your family move forward. A compassionate injury attorney could help evaluate suffering and work with you to decide on the best course of action, so reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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