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Aurora Car Accident Litigation Involving Multiple Defendants

While Aurora car accident litigation involving multiple defendants can prove to yield a complicated case, know that you do not have to face it alone. An attorney with experience handling these claims in court could help guide you through the process while aggressively advocating for your compensation on your behalf. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about what goes into Aurora car accident litigation involving multiple defendants, as well as the ways a dedicated collision attorney could work to represent you today.

Order of Case Presentation

During the trial process in Aurora car accident litigation involving multiple defendants, the plaintiff will always present their case-in-chief first as they have the burden of proving the defendant guilty. Within that, there is lay-witness testimony, which could involve talking to the family of the plaintiff and seeing how their injuries affect their lives. There are witnesses from the scene of the collision such as the responding police officer or the EMT if there was an ambulance called.

Afterward, the defense has their opportunity to perform a cross-examination, where they try to find little things that could cause inconsistencies or make the plaintiff’s damages seem less than what they should be. If there are multiple defendants involved, it just adds a little bit of length to the trial because both sets of defendants will each get to have a case-in-chief and each has their own opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. When there are multiple defendants, then there is usually a lot of finger-pointing involved in an attempt to show the other defendants are more at fault.

Importance of Cross-Examination

In order to navigate the difficulties presented by a case with multiple defendants who may be confusing the jury by adding more information to the case, a professional injury attorney may aggressively pursue them at the cross-examination to make them flesh out exactly why they feel like other parties are at fault. By discrediting the claims they make through evidence gathered in the investigation and witness testimony, an attorney could help the jury better understand the order of events.

Testimony from a professional witness such as an economist or accident re-constructionist can be very valuable when disputes over liability come into play throughout Aurora car accident litigation involving multiple defendants. Through their research and other work performed on the case, they could help clear the air by showing their reasoning for why a particular defendant should be found more at fault than another.

How a Professional Injury Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one have received serious injuries in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of multiple individuals, you will most likely need weathered legal assistance to fight on your behalf. Consider reaching out to a lawyer with experience in Aurora car accident litigation involving multiple defendants if you wish to pursue your claim in court. Dealing with the stress that comes after receiving a serious injury can be overwhelming enough. Let a dedicated attorney fight for your deserved coverage today.

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