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Aurora Car Accident Settlements

When it comes to dealing with car accident cases, you can choose to settle their case or go to trial. An intelligent and experienced car accident attorney can help you determine whether to settle at the court during pre-litigation or take your case all the way to a jury trial or a bench trial. The decision whether to pursue Aurora car accident settlements or go to trial is always up to you. The attorney is there as an advocate but is not there to make decisions without your input. It is always recommended to try to settle a case early before it goes into litigation because of the cost-benefit analysis. It is definitely cheaper to settle out of court than it is to spend money and court costs and then try to settle. If you want to pursue a settlement, or are simply interested in learning more, consult a lawyer today. En Español.

Settlement Process in Aurora

The lawyer for the person injured in the car accident sends the settlement demand based on economic, non-economic, disfigurement and impairment damages and the insurance company makes an offer of settlement. The lawyer and their client may reject the first offer and negotiate until there is a top offer. Once the top offer is obtained; the lawyer negotiates the medical bills and finalizes the settlement.

Reasons to Settle Rather Than Go to Trial

Because of the comparative fault issue in Colorado, it is risky to go trial unless a person is 100 percent sure that the other party is at fault. Sometimes, it is just better to settle the case for little bit less money, knowing that if someone loses, they are responsible for the other side’s attorney’s fees and costs. Aurora car accident settlements can help people save money in the long-term. Expert witnesses are quite expensive especially when liability is contested. The person must hire their medical providers and an accident re-constructionist which can be expensive. Those are out-of-pocket expenses that may be recoverable if the person receives a jury verdict in their favor and in excess of the insurance company’s top offer pre-litigation or pre-trial issues. A person might refuse to take a settlement offer and go to trial instead when the offer is too low or liability is denied entirely.

Benefits of Working With an Aurora Car Accident Attorney for a Settlement

Attorneys are great at negotiating with the insurance company. You can obtain a better result if you consult an attorney early on. The attorney can negotiate any outstanding liens for health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. When there is an ERISA lien, a tax lien, or a child support lien, the attorney is well-versed at getting those different nuances resolved.

When you go to an initial consultation with an Aurora car accident lawyer, you should bring a copy of the police report, information for the other driver, their car and health insurance information, any photographs they took, eye-witness contact information, and photographs of the injury if available. If you want to make a wage loss claim, you should bring your paycheck stubs or tax returns to substantiate that loss. If you want to know more about Aurora car accident settlements, consult a skilled car accident attorney that can answer your questions and can help you determine whether settling is right for you.

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