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A motor scooter is held to the same standard as other motor vehicles on the roadway. Motor scooters are usually smaller in comparison to motorcycles, meaning they are slower and lighter. If a motor scooter is operating on the roadway with other motorized vehicles, they must adhere to the rules of the road and must follow all traffic control legends.

A motor scooter above 50cc needs a license place and an M endorsement on a driver’s license. A motor scooter that has less than 50cc does not need a license plate or a special M endorsement on the driver’s license. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney can help you seek the damages you deserve by finding relevant evidence before trial in your motor scooter case. If you have been harmed in an accident, it may be vital to contact an Aurora motor scooter accident lawyer.

Distinct Motor Scooter Laws

In Aurora, Colorado, a 50cc engine scooter requires a $5, three-year registration. One does not need an additional driver’s license as long as the scooter is less than 50cc. Now, if the scooter is above 50cc, it is required to have a license plate and a motorcycle license. At that point, it is determined to be equivalent to a motorcycle. A scooter must be parked on the street.

Although Colorado does not require riders and passengers above 18 to wear helmets, all riders and passengers on motor scooters are required to wear some form of eye protection. An Aurora motor scooter collision attorney can make sure an individual is aware of the local laws applicable to their case.

Difference to Motorcycles

Motor scooters under 50cc require a $5, three-year registration, and one does not need an additional M endorsement for a license with a motor scooter, and if the motor scooter is below 50cc, a license plate is not required. A motorcycle is usually above 50cc and the driver needs an M endorsement on the driver’s license to lawfully operate a motorcycle on a roadway.

Both operators of motor scooters and motorcycles must adhere to the rules of the road and they must adhere to all traffic control legends at all times. Both operators of a motor scooter and a motorcycle must wear some type of adequate eye protection, and helmets are optional but recommended above the age of 18.

Potential Motor Scooter Risks

Motorcycles are usually heavier and faster than a motor scooter. This means a motorcycle can travel at a higher rate of speed and cover a lot more ground quicker. A motorcycle is heavier and faster, Aurora motor scooter accident attorney have seen more severe injuries associated with a motorcycle than a lighter motor scooter. If a motorcycle driver elected not to wear a helmet, the chances of sustaining a serious injury to the neck or head increases dramatically, not to mention the chance of dying on a motorcycle increases dramatically also.

Insurance Requirements in Aurora

All motor scooter operators must carry proof of insurance. The minimum limits in the state of Colorado that one must carry are 25, 50, 15—$25,000 per person, $50 per occurrence, and $15,000 towards property damage. The penalties for operating a motor scooter with no proof of insurance is a minimum fine of $500 and four points added to the driving record and possible suspension for a first offense and, as every offense increases. Penalties can increase, therefore it is important to have a local motor scooter accident lawyer throughout the trial proceedings to protect your rights to compensation.

Contact an Aurora Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a motor scooter collision, you might be dealing with serious injuries and facing substantial costs. It is important to understand that you have legal options.

When someone else’s negligence is the cause of your accident, you could hold them financially accountable for your losses. To learn more, get in touch with an Aurora motor scooter accident lawyer. Our dedicated attorneys could help you pursue the payments you need and deserve after a wreck.

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