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Aurora Motor Scooter Accident Injuries 

A common misconception is that because motor scooters are small and do not go very fast, that injuries sustained in an accident are not that bad. However, operators of motor scooters who are involved in an accident can expect to sustain injuries as minimal as scrapes and bruises and as severe as broken and fractured bones, a traumatic brain injury, and possibly death.

If someone chooses to ride without a helmet that increases the chance that they could sustain a fatal injury. An adept accident attorney will understand what is at stake and can advocate for you if you have sustained Aurora motor scooter accident injuries.

What Makes Scooters Dangerous

Motor scooters are slow and light which makes motor scooters dangerous because there are instances where they cannot keep up with the flow of traffic. This causes them to pose a danger not only to the operator and the passenger of the motor scooter but also to the other drivers on the road.

Secondly, people who operate the motor scooter tend to not wear helmets because they think the motor scooter is slower and they cannot suffer serious Aurora motor scooter accident injuries from it. Unfortunately, that is not true. The problem is, when a collision does occur, the operator of the motor scooter will face more injuries because they are not wearing a helmet.

How Injuries Differ From Motorcycle Injuries

If a motorcycle driver decides to operate a motor scooter without a helmet, they can expect to suffer injuries more severe than an individual riding a motor scooter. The reason for the more serious injury is directly related to speed, weight, and the operation of a motorcycle. A motorcycle is usually more powerful and can travel at a high rate of speed whereas a motor scooter lacks the capability to travel at the same type of speed. Therefore, if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, it will usually be more severe, but that does not mean that Aurora motor scooter accident injuries should not be treated with the same urgency and care.

What to Do After an Accident

First, the lawyer finds the at-fault party. Then the attorney sets up a claim with the insurance company and continuously give the insurance company information about the treatment of the injured party. They would be limited on what they can tell the plaintiff, but the attorney can still give their client updates. As the lawyer gives them updates, their reserve increased and that builds the value of the case.

The only difference between a motor scooter and motorcycle incidents would be hiring a different expert to testify to the type of power a motor scooter has versus a motorcycle. The expert would talk about the speed of a motor scooter, how fast it can travel, and the amount of space it would need to get to the speed that the motor scooter was traveling at the time of a collision. The defense would argue that a motor scooter traveling at a slower rate of speed should not have injuries like someone traveling on a motorcycle because a motor scooter travels slower.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Aurora motor scooter accident injuries can be stressful to experience, especially if you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence. If you have, an Aurora injury lawyer will have extensive experience handling these types of cases. It is vital that you work with a lawyer who will do the necessary legwork to ensure that you are afforded all the relief you deserve. An attorney can file a lawsuit, act against the at-fault party, and hold them accountable for their actions.

It is important to contact a lawyer immediately as you never want to make statements to an insurance company, or at-fault party because that information can and will be used against you. Retain a motor scooter accident lawyer and know that you are in good hands.

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