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Slip and fall accidents happen all the time and often lead to serious injuries for the fall victim. If you were hurt in a trip and spill incident on someone else’s property or in a place of business, call an Aurora slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. If the property owner or manager failed to fix a known hazard, or warn you about a hazard on the property, they could be liable for your injuries. En Español.

When a property owner or manager acts negligently, and their negligence causes injury, the injured victim could sue for financial compensation. Deciding to file your accident claim in court can be a complex decision. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can seek compensation on your behalf.

Types of Injuries Sustained

Injuries sustained in a slip and fall or trip and fall can be long lasting or even permanent. These injuries often lead to high medical costs, and painful physical or emotional injuries. Slip and fall victims often miss work during their recovery periods, resulting in lost wages. An Aurora trip and fall attorney can help determine how much compensation to seek and who the responsible party is.

Serious slip and fall injuries can include:

Any of these injuries can lead to long-term or permanent physical damage, as well as high medical bills. If someone else’s negligence caused a trip and spill accident, the injured victim can seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Who Can be Held Responsible for Trip and Fall Injuries?

It can be hard to predict when and where a slip and fall accident could happen. However, slipping and falling, or tripping and falling, can happen anywhere at any time. Falling on someone else’s property or in a place of business is often caused by the property owner’s negligence. There are many causes of slips and falls, such as loose carpeting, uneven pavement, wet spots, and hidden hazards with no posted warnings.

Property owners have an obligation to use reasonable care and clear up such hazards to prevent injuries. If a property owner cannot immediately fix a hazard, they must warn visitors about the hazard. A spill inside a store should be blocked off or have signs nearby warning visitors so they do not slip. When property owners or their managers and employees fail to meet these obligations, people can get hurt.

Contacting an Aurora Slip and Fall Attorney

Fall victims can pursue a civil case seeking financial compensation for their injuries. Victims do not have to tolerate pain and suffering in silence when their injuries were caused by someone else’s negligent behavior.

Tripping and Falling accident injuries and the financial consequences of those injuries can be long-lasting. Slip and fall cases are complicated because there are often multiple parties involved (i.e., the victim, the property owner, the property manager, and employees).

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to money for your injuries. After seeking the medical treatment you need, it may be critical to contact an experienced Aurora slip and fall lawyer.

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