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What Do I Do if My Brakes Fail in the Snow?

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Driving in the winter comes with many hazards that motorists should be aware of. With snow and ice on the roads and the potential for storms to arise, ensuring that a vehicle is ready for travel is more important than ever. There are certain steps to take to make sure the brakes of a vehicle are functioning properly. In addition to brake maintenance, drivers should know how to handle the situation if their brakes fail when driving on ice or snow.

When driving on snow or ice, it is vital to proceed with caution and be aware of all surroundings. After a storm, there is potential for icy patches on the roads that may be covered by snow or instances of black ice. Practicing safe driving such as slow speeds, gradual braking, and driving smoothly will allow operators to stop more effectively in wintery conditions.

Stopping on Ice or Snow

Knowing the type of braking system is another vital aspect of driving safely. If a vehicle has ABS (anti-locking braking system), then the manner in which a driver should go about stopping abruptly is different. When a car has ABS, the best method to stop is by applying gradual pressure to the brakes. The system will pump the brakes itself, preventing them from locking up and failing. In a vehicle that does not have ABS, it is important to pump the brakes when trying to stop. This method allows for the vehicle to come to a stop while attempting to maintain control on a slippery surface, as it would with ABS, without locking up.

If the brakes do lock up or fail, it is important to make it known that you don’t have control over the vehicle. Put on the hazard lights and honk the horn. Maintain both hands on the wheel and attempt to maintain control as much as possible. In the event that there are things to help slow the vehicle, such as a snowbank, steer toward them to prevent collision with pedestrians or other cars.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are involved in a car accident due to brake failure in winter conditions, contacting a lawyer could be in your best interest. Our experienced attorneys could help you work with your insurance company to cover medical expenses as well as discuss other damages you may acquire. A winter car accident may be scary, but handling your case afterward shouldn’t be. Our attorneys at Amy G Injury Firm are here to help.

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