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Brighton Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A startling number of bicycle accidents result in injuries or death, especially those that involve a careless motorist running into a bicyclist. If a driver was negligent in their duty to exercise ordinary care while operating a motor vehicle and hit you, you could pursue a personal injury claim for compensation in court.

A Brighton bicycle accident lawyer could identify potentially negligent behavior and help you seek justice following a bike crash. In the process, your personal injury attorney could identify incidents of negligence and help you work towards a favorable outcome.

Potential Bike Crash Injuries

While some bicyclists may emerge from a collision with minor scrapes and cuts, many riders sustain severe and debilitating injuries. Helmets can help prevent serious head injuries, but the body is usually unprotected, increasing the likelihood of injuries like broken bones or road burn.

Many bike riders are unaware of the extent or severity of their injuries immediately after their crash. Consequently, it is almost always beneficial for a cyclist to seek medical care even if no symptoms have manifested. CT scans, MRIs, and physical examinations may reveal injuries that were not apparent to the injured party at the time of the accident and help protect their individual health.

The information gathered during treatment or a medical examination could also support an accident victim’s personal injury claim. A bike accident attorney in Brighton could help gather medical records and documentation of injuries which they could then use to assemble a claimant’s civil case.

Bicycle Traffic Laws in Brighton

Under Colorado Revised Statutes §42-4-1412, bicyclists are required to abide by the same traffic rules and regulations as drivers of motor vehicles. These rules include signaling for stops and turns, riding as far out of the way of traffic as practicable, keeping at least one hand on the handlebars, and avoiding side-by-side riding if more than two people are riding together, except in areas of the road designated specifically for bicyclists.

These laws help to protect cyclists and motorists alike. However, when a bicyclist seeks compensation based on the injuries sustained in an accident, a defendant driver or insurance company may try to dispute the claim by arguing the plaintiff was wholly responsible for their own accident. If a bicyclist’s conduct at the time of the incident is deemed unsafe or in violation of a traffic law, the injured rider may bear comparative fault.

Under Colorado’s comparative negligence system, a plaintiff in Brighton may have their civil recovery reduced or barred if the court determines they contributed to their own injuries. A Brighton bicycle accident lawyer could explain in further detail how a claim of comparative negligence may affect an individual’s case.

Consult with a Brighton Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicyclists who are injured may need legal representation, especially if their accident was related to the negligence of another. A Brighton bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you recover fair compensation for injuries sustained in a bike accident, so reach out today to schedule a consultation and begin working on your claim.

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