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Every personal injury is a serious event that demands your care and attention. Fortunately, though, most people only sustain temporary injuries: with proper medical care and time to recover, most individuals will eventually heal. However, not every injury is a temporary event. Some injuries are so severe that they will permanently impact a person’s future.

A Colorado Springs catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help you following these life-altering events. A skilled injury attorney could strive to understand how an event has impacted your past and will impact your future. Additionally, a legal representative could work to obtain the evidence needed to show that someone else’s actions were the source of your harm and demand fair compensation on your behalf.

How Does a Catastrophic Injury Occur?

A catastrophic injury describes any event where the consequences of the harm are likely to impact a victim’s life for the foreseeable future or even permanently. Sadly, these incidents can occur at almost any time and under any circumstance, often affecting people differently.

A common source of debilitating injuries is car crashes. Multiple people involved in these crashes might suffer very different injuries that affect them in unique ways. Common examples of catastrophic injuries in these events include:

  • Paralysis
  • Brain damage
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Third-degree burns

Catastrophic injuries may also result from slips and falls, dangerous consumer products, and medical malpractice. A seasoned Colorado Springs attorney could provide more information about what it means for an injury to be catastrophic and investigate to determine who bears fault for the event.

Catastrophic Injuries Impact Every Part of a Victim’s Life

Since devastating injuries are typically long-term, a demand for compensation must accurately reflect a victim’s losses. In these cases, the most important recoverable damage involves reimbursement for physical injuries and the medical care needed to treat them. However, a comprehensive case will also demand payments for all past medical care as well as estimated costs for future rehabilitation and treatment. Unfortunately, in many cases, catastrophic harm will diminish the victim’s quality of life and prevent them from earning income while recovering from their injuries.

Placing a proper value on a case is a complex and lengthy undertaking. At the same time, Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-106 gives most plaintiffs only two years after the date of their injury to demand compensation from at-fault defendants. Although these cases can be emotionally draining and complicated, it is crucial to begin working immediately so the deadline does not affect financial recovery. Fortunately, a dedicated and diligent lawyer in Colorado Springs could help victims file their claims promptly and demand the appropriate compensation to cover their injury-related losses.

Speak With a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Colorado Springs Immediately

By their very nature, severe injuries will impact every part of your present and future. Therefore, it is important to understand how these events will affect your legal rights and your ability to hold others responsible for their actions. This includes identifying parties who may have been liable for your injuries and demanding that they provide you with proper compensation.

A Colorado Springs catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to provide the support you need. A legal representative could protect your rights and pursue cases against all liable defendants. Contact us now to make your appointment.

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