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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) come in many forms. For many, these include concussions from which the victim will fully recover. However, other examples of these incidents that affect the brain leave the victim with permanent damage. When you sustain traumatic brain damage, you may experience personality changes, memory loss, or reduced cognitive function.

Fortunately, those responsible for the event that caused your injury are obligated under the law to compensate you for your losses. Demanding these damages could be much easier with the help of a skilled catastrophic injury attorney. A Colorado Springs traumatic brain injury lawyer could take the lead in your case to prove liability for a traumatic brain injury and pursue the payments you need to bring stability and comfort back into your life.

How Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur?

No two traumatic brain injuries are exactly alike: they can differ significantly based on the circumstances under which they occur and their impact on the injured victim’s life. Perhaps the most common source of these injuries is car accidents. For example, a sudden stop at high speed can cause a person’s brain to strike the inside of their skull. Similarly, a crash may cause a passenger to hit the windshield or steering wheel, resulting in significant trauma.

While car accidents are a primary reason for these injuries, they may also result from slips and falls, or other incidents that occur on another individual’s property. In short, any event that causes a person to suffer a blow to the head or a sudden change in momentum can cause a TBI.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Every traumatic brain injury is a serious matter that requires immediate medical attention. At the very least, a doctor can rule out any ongoing damage and stabilize a patient, primarily when the victim suffers nothing more than a mild concussion. However, many TBI victims will not make a full recovery, sometimes experiencing permanent brain damage. A knowledgeable Colorado Springs attorney could prove how a TBI has changed an individual’s life and demand appropriate compensation from all liable parties.

When is a Defendant Liable for Brain Trauma?

The extent of a victim’s injuries is never proof of fault for an incident. Instead, the burden always lies on the injured victim to prove that another’s actions were the source of their losses.

The best way to prove liability for a TBI is to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent. This theory applies to traffic crashes, slips and falls, and even defective product incidents. In these cases, a dedicated lawyer in Colorado Springs could obtain the evidence needed to prove that another party was responsible for a TBI. Additionally, a legal representative could follow the legal deadlines in Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-106, which places a time limit of two years following an injury to pursue a case.

Speak With a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Colorado Springs Today

Traumatic brain injuries are expected consequences of negligent acts, including car crashes, premises liability cases, or even intentional acts of violence. Anyone who causes these injuries must compensate victims for the resulting medical costs, reductions in quality of life, and missing income.

A Colorado Springs traumatic brain injury lawyer is ready to help you to prove that your losses were another’s fault. Additionally, they could demonstrate how the incident has impacted your past, present, and future in your demand for fair compensation. Reach out today and let us begin fighting for you.

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