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Few events can have as powerful an impact on a person’s life as those that end with paralysis. This damage to a person’s nervous system can leave them unable to control parts of their body. To make matters worse, these injuries are often permanent and force you to change every aspect of your daily life.

When another person or company is responsible for an incident that leaves you paralyzed, the law says the negligent party has an obligation to compensate you for your medical bills, emotional traumas, and lost wages. A Colorado Springs paralysis lawyer may be able to help you collect these payments while you focus on making your best recovery. Call a skilled catastrophic injury representative today for more information.

What Causes Paralysis Injuries?

Paralysis occurs when a person’s nerves suffer damage. This damage is often so significant that the victim’s brain can no longer communicate with the impacted body parts. In many cases, this damage is permanent. Sadly, victims of paralysis injuries are unlikely to make a full recovery.

Even though these injuries are undoubtedly severe, the law does not presume fault for an incident based solely on the extent of a victim’s injuries. Instead, these victims must show that another’s actions led to their paralysis.

Because most paralysis injuries result from accidents, the injured victim must prove that another party was negligent. Negligence may arise from fault for a crash, inability to keep a property in good condition, or even allowing a dangerous product to reach customers. A knowledgeable attorney in Colorado Springs could explain the legal process of filing a civil claim and take the lead in proving that another party was to blame for a victim’s paralysis.

Demanding Full Compensation After Paralysis

Those who suffer severe injuries at the hands of others deserve full payments to cover their losses as well as future estimated costs of medical care, long-term losses, reimbursement for lost wages due to disability, and even compensation for emotional traumas. An experienced lawyer in Colorado Springs could evaluate how a paralyzing injury has changed a person’s life and demand that at-fault parties provide fair compensation.

A legal representative could also make sure these claims are filed promptly. Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-106 says that most examples of personal injuries resulting from accidents give people only two years from the date of the incident to seek out payments. Consulting with an attorney quickly gives victims the best chance of a positive case outcome.

Let a Paralysis Attorney in Colorado Springs Protect Your Present and Future

Paralysis is an example of a catastrophic injury that is likely to change every part of your life. Losing control over a body part will require extensive medical attention and cause significant emotional trauma. These injuries may also jeopardize your ability to support yourself and your family financially.

A Colorado Springs paralysis lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you need to bring stability back into your life. A legal representative could take the lead in investigating the incident, naming all liable defendants, measuring your losses, and seeking appropriate payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Contact an attorney now to get started on your case.

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