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Colorado Springs Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycles are a common sight in Colorado. Riding on a bike through the beautiful scenery and clear skies can be an unforgettable experience. Colorado has specific motorcycle laws to ensure that those experiences are memorable because of how enjoyable they are and not because they are traumatic. State laws require several things to keep motorcycle riders safe, such as having footrests for passengers or wearing eye protection.

Helmets are not required by state law if a rider is over the age of 18. However, motorcycles are risky, and countless people suffer injuries from accidents while riding them. When you or a loved one are involved in a crash while not wearing a helmet, you may wonder what your legal options are. Assistance from a seasoned motorcycle injury attorney familiar with Colorado Springs motorcycle helmet laws may be the answer to your concerns.

Can Bikers Who Were Not Wearing Helmets Seek Compensation After a Crash?

When someone suffers losses as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s careless or reckless actions, they may have a right to recovery through the legal process even if they did not wear a helmet. When an injured person pursues a legal claim with an insurance company, they often do not know what to expect. However, insurance companies are rarely on the plaintiff’s side. They frequently try to intimidate injured parties into accepting an unfair settlement. That is because insurance companies desire the lowest and quickest settlements possible. Negotiating with insurance companies can be exhausting after being involved in a collision while not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, and that is why it is best to hire an experienced lawyer in Colorado Springs who can handle the entire process.

In terms of compensation, an injured motorcyclist has the right to seek damages—a term for what someone can pursue in court to recover the costs of their accident-related losses. Damages are usually economic or non-economic. Economic damages can be things like the cost of rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and medical bills. Some examples of non-economic damages could be pain and suffering, funeral costs, or emotional trauma. A skilled attorney could assess the maximum damages an injured party may be able to seek in a motorcycle injury lawsuit.

Important Things to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in Colorado

Motorcyclists are not exempt from the laws that govern other drivers. There are specific requirements to be able to drive a motorcycle. Drivers must have a valid motorcycle endorsement or license. Drivers cannot be under 18 unless they have parental consent and have completed a Basic Rider Course. They must pass a handful of tests and have insurance. The motorcycle must be registered with the DMV and comply with safety and equipment regulations. When you get into an accident in Colorado Springs, contacting an attorney who knows the local motorcycle helmet laws is key to receiving compensation.

While helmets are not required of all people on motorcycles, protective eye gear is. No exceptions apply. Goggles, a helmet visor, or eyeglasses with plastic or safety glasses meet the requirement. In addition, there are safety precautions required by state law that extend beyond what riders must wear. Motorcyclists cannot pass or overtake another car in the same lane, but they can share a lane with another motorcycle. They also cannot attach their motorcycle to another vehicle. A lawyer could help an injured biker determine if they have a viable case in court based on whether their own conduct played a role in the wreck.

Discuss Motorcycle Helmet Laws With a Colorado Springs Attorney

One of the best things you can do after getting into a motorcycle accident is to contact a qualified lawyer. Not wearing a helmet increases the chances of severe injury, but that does not mean you do not have the right to explore your legal options. It does not negate the negligence or bad behavior of another driver. With the right lawyer’s help, you could maximize the compensation you receive through an insurance settlement or court award. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible to learn more about the role of Colorado Springs motorcycle helmet laws in your case.

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