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Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Colorado Springs

Recalls of common products occur all the time. When those products are recalled for relatively harmless reasons, it can be annoying or tedious to keep up with. However, products can be recalled due to a threat to the consumer’s life, and that can be more than just annoying; it can be life-changing in all the wrong ways. One example of this is when motorcycles are defective and recalled. These flaws can be fatal because motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than other motor vehicles.

There are many ways in which a motorcycle can be defective. Maybe the brake system does not work properly, or the tires are weak. No matter what it is, a defect can have deadly consequences. Luckily, legal avenues for compensation exist for those injured by motorcycle flaws. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney familiar with motorcycle defects and recalls in Colorado Springs could be key to a successful injury case.

What to Know About Motorcycle Defects

Identifying whether the motorcycle has a design, marketing, or manufacturing defect is essential to determining liability. A design defect means a problem could have been fixed with a reasonable alternative design. A manufacturing defect means something went wrong in the item’s manufacturing process. Finally, a marketing defect means that the seller failed to include the right warnings or instructions for safe use within the product’s packaging or that the manufacturer used dishonest marketing. A Colorado Springs attorney who understands motorcycle product liability lawsuits could help an injured party prove one of these defects existed so they can get compensated appropriately.

Several parties can be held liable when a defective motorcycle hurts someone, such as the auto dealership, distributor, or vehicle manufacturer. Even if these parties are not aware of the defect, they can be held legally accountable because they have a duty to ensure that products are safe. Notably, the defect must be the main and direct cause of the injury. The right lawyer could help an injured motorcyclist make a strong case that proves someone else is to blame for their crash and subsequent losses due to a motorcycle defect or recall.

Winning a Motorcycle Defect Case

Strong evidence is key to winning a motorcycle defect case. In the claims process, insurance companies seek to protect their own profits by giving the lowest possible amount they can in claim settlements. As such, insurance companies often lowball settlements to plaintiffs unaware of the compensation they deserve. Presenting the right documentation can help get a higher settlement offer from those companies. A diligent attorney in Colorado Springs will be unafraid to push for the maximum compensation possible from insurance companies in motorcycle defect or recall cases.

The right evidence can make all the difference in court as well. It can sway a jury in the plaintiff’s favor or have an insurance company provide the maximum settlement an injured biker is entitled to. Evidence can include:

  • Repair receipts
  • Expert witnesses
  • Photos or videos of the accident scene
  • Documents regarding the purchase of the motorcycle
  • Documentation regarding previous issues with the vehicle, eyewitness statements

With the proper evidence in a motorcycle defect/recall case, a skilled legal professional could prove an injured motorcyclist is entitled to damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Hire a Colorado Springs Attorney to Handle Your Motorcycle Defect/Recall Case

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous because riders lack protective walls around them. As such, motorcycle drivers and passengers often sustain severe injuries. It is common for motor vehicles to be recalled, but that does not mean that you do not have a right to hold the responsible parties accountable. Motorcycle manufacturers must attempt to notify consumers of recalls. When your motorcycle has a defect or has been recalled, the manufacturer must remedy the defect. Contact a local attorney today to learn about current motorcycle defects and recalls in Colorado Springs and explore your recovery options.

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