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Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Colorado Springs

The aftermath of any motor vehicle crash is difficult; however, when the collision was caused by the other person driving while distracted, it can be even more challenging. A further layer of complexity is added if the other person is a professional truck driver working for a company engaged in shipping, transportation, or another business.

In these instances, your injuries may be more severe due to the difference in size between your vehicle and the truck. Also, it can be more difficult to negotiate with the large organization for which the trucker works. If you get into a fender bender with your neighbor, it is usually much easier to work out an amicable solution than if you are involved in a major collision with a multinational corporation.

Attorneys with experience handling distracted driving truck accidents in Colorado Springs may be able to provide valuable assistance in these scenarios. Whether through negotiation skills, investigative solutions, or deep knowledge regarding trucking regulations, a seasoned 18-wheeler crash attorney could increase your odds of recovering fair compensation for your injuries.

Laws Regarding Cell Phone Usage by Truck Drivers

In any traffic accident, the injured party will not be able to recover for their losses unless they can prove that the other driver was at fault. Although fault can be difficult to establish, it may be easier if the injured party can point to another entity that penalized the other driver for their reckless behavior.

For example, cell phone usage is one of the most common causes of distracted driving. Because of this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which issues rules that apply to truck drivers, states in 49 CFR §392.80 that no driver is allowed to text while they are driving. Similarly, Colorado has also made it illegal for anyone to text and drive.

Suppose the FMCSA or the state of Colorado issues a fine or penalty to the truck driver for cell phone use after a crash. In that case, it may be easier for the injured party to show that the driver’s inattentive actions caused their truck accident.

A Colorado Springs attorney familiar with distracted driving truck accidents could provide insight into whether a trucker violated any applicable rules or laws and could help provide legal arguments as to why those violations should lead to the injured party recovering compensation.

Other Distractions that Lead to Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Even if not tied to a specific rule or involving a cell phone, distracted driving by a truck driver may still help an injured prove fault for a wreck. Distracted driving can be done in various ways, such as eating or talking while driving.

Even driving while overly tired or fatigued can lead to distracted driving. This can be relevant in cases involving truck drivers, who commonly drive long shifts and are incentivized to reach their destinations on time.

However, evidence of these more subtle forms of distracted driving may be hard to find, but some could include:

  • Creating reconstructions of the accident
  • Interviewing witnesses present at the scene of the crash
  • Gleaning data from phone records or social media posts

A Colorado Springs lawyer who commonly handles crashes involving a distracted truck driver may be able to provide specialized investigative services.

Enlist the Help of a Colorado Springs Distracted Driving Truck Accident Attorney

Injuries to victims of commercial vehicle collisions are frequently severe, and the owners of the commercial vehicle are often difficult to negotiate with.

Working with a lawyer experienced in distracted driving truck accidents in Colorado Springs could allow you to focus on your medical needs while simultaneously helping you recover damages for your injuries. Call today.

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