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Jackknife Truck Accidents in Colorado Springs

When a semi-truck jackknifes, it can lead to serious damage. Some semi-trucks can weigh ten times more than an average car—even without cargo—increasing the severity of any impact. Additionally, jackknifing can lead to a trailer sweeping across many lanes of traffic, potentially harming several drivers and passengers.

When a tractor-trailer hits you, a compassionate truck wreck attorney could help you. Our lawyers have handled many jackknife truck accidents in Colorado Springs and could help you determine the best way to recover compensation for your injuries.

What Is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

Two pieces make up a semi-truck: first is the cab, where the driver sits, and second is the trailer, which holds the cargo. A coupling connects the trailer to the cab, making it possible for the cab to turn before the rest of the truck. If the trailer could not swing independently of the cab, the semi-truck would be unable to turn.

Jackknifing occurs when the trailer starts moving faster than the cab or gets out of alignment with the cab. The trailer then swings out, making a “V” shape between the cab and the trailer—like watching a laptop being closed.

Many situations could lead to jackknifing. Some common causes include:

  • The trucker braking too suddenly
  • The trucker taking turns or curves in the road too quickly
  • Roads dampened by rain, ice, sleet, or spilled fluids
  • Failure of the trailer’s brakes, which are separate from the cab’s
  • Unbalanced, overweight, or improperly loaded cargo

After a jackknife truck wreck, a lawyer in Colorado Springs could help the injured person investigate what led to the crash and assist in determining the liable party.

Is a Truck Driver Always Liable for a Jackknife Accident?

In Colorado Springs, a trucker could be liable for a jackknife semi-truck accident, but that will not necessarily be the case; the injured person cannot assume that is true without adequate evidence. Other parties could be at fault for the wreck, including another driver or the semi-truck’s manufacturer.

In other words, the injured person cannot recover financial damages from a truck driver simply because they hit them. To demonstrate that the trucker or another person was negligent in a jackknife crash claim, Colorado law requires that the injured party prove four things:

  • That the trucker owed them a duty of care— although, in most cases, it is relatively easy to establish that the trucker had a duty to drive in a reasonable or safe manner
  • That the trucker failed in their duty
  • That the trucker’s failure to meet their duty was the cause of their injuries
  • They sustained verifiable injuries or damage to their property

Speaking with an attorney in Colorado Springs after a jackknife truck crash is crucial. They could help the plaintiff prove to the court that the trucker or another driver on the road caused the collision and demand maximum restitution on their behalf.

Call a Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney in Colorado Springs for Help

Jackknife big rig collision claims can be challenging to manage since many parties might be involved, and the injuries are likely severe. Scheduling a meeting with a lawyer experienced in representing victims of jackknife truck accidents in Colorado Springs could help protect your rights. Our dedicated attorneys could be your advocate, fighting for you throughout every step of your claim. Call today to learn more about how we could help you.

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