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Personal injury claims for children differ a little from other claims because the person who is harmed does not usually contribute financially to the family. However, they have caretakers who do, and an injured child can mean time away from work for one or both parents and other family members. Childhood injuries can also lead to lifelong trauma, which can completely alter the course of their lives and the lives of their family members.

When your child is injured, the person who hurt them should be responsible for paying for the damages. With help from an experienced personal injury attorney, you can file a personal injury claim for economic and noneconomic damages, which can help you pay for medical expenses, lost wages, caregiving, and more. Contact a Denver child injury lawyer to find out more about these claims.

Accidental Injuries to Children

There is no way to fully childproof the world, however, people are supposed to take reasonable precautions to keep children safe. Failure to adhere to this standard of care is negligence, and it can lead to financial responsibility on the part of the wrongdoer.

Some of the leading causes of accidental injuries to children include:

In many instances, these injuries would have been avoided if an adult had taken the proper precautions. A Denver attorney who handles child injury cases could examine the cause of the injuries, the nature of the relationship between the wrongdoer and the child, and whether they breached a duty of care by acting irresponsibly and endangering others.

Car accidents injure many children. Drivers may not owe a specific duty to the child, but they have a general duty to other drivers. When they cause an accident, they are responsible for injuries and may be financially responsible even when the parent shares some of the liability for the accident.

Drowning is another frequent cause of childhood injury. Swimming pools are considered an attractive nuisance, and failure to take precautions to secure a swimming pool from children may be enough to establish negligence, even when the pool owner and the child have no relationship.

Defective products cause a surprising number of childhood injuries. While the manufacturers may not have a specific duty to a child, they do have a general duty to provide safe products when used correctly. For that reason, product liability suits are strict liability, which means the injured party does not have to prove negligence.

Sometimes, the relationship between the child and the person who injured them has a higher duty. Caretakers should adequately supervise children, and negligent supervision leads to many injuries, but not every injury means the supervisor was negligent. To demonstrate negligence, it is critical to show the caretaker failed to meet a reasonable standard of care.

Intentional Injuries to Children

Sometimes, people intentionally harm children through physical, sexual, or even emotional abuse, and those people are financially responsible for the injuries they intentionally inflict. Lawsuits for intentional injuries do not replace any criminal charges the state may bring because the civil and criminal justice systems complement one another. Given the lower burden of proof in a civil trial, a lawsuit may be one of the best ways to get justice for a child. A Denver child injury attorney can help explore options if a child’s injuries are due to intentional actions.

Consult a Child Injury Attorney in Denver

As a parent, you want nothing to protect your child from every potential hurt or harm. When someone else’s negligent or willful behavior harms your child, a personal injury claim may be the best way to ensure their future. With these claims, you can ensure your child is compensated for economic and noneconomic harms. Schedule a consultation with a Denver child injury lawyer to learn more.

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