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Denver Mental Illness Social Security Benefits

Those with mental illnesses or disorders tend to live a much different life than those without such impairments. In some cases, many people living with mental illness have been denied SSDI benefits due to their condition. Fortunately, there are avenues available for those wishing to earn the Denver mental illness social security benefits they deserve. If you or a loved one require assistance in acquiring such benefits, contact a skilled SSDI attorney today.

Difficulties with Receiving SSDI While Having a Mental Illness or Disorder

A mental illness or disorder could disqualify someone from receiving social security benefits. This is dependent upon what the mental disability is and whether that mental disability precludes someone from substantial gainful employment. For example, situational benefits may not qualify someone for SSDI.

Regarding mental impairment, it should interfere with employment to such a degree that the person is not able to be employed in any capacity. An example would be a major depressive disorder as documented by a treating physician, such as schizophrenia.

Intellectual Disabilities

An intellectual disability could disqualify someone for social security disability benefits. However, a person with a learning disability needs to have a profound, serious learning disability that precludes them to perform the simplest of tasks or follow the simplest of directions.

As a mental health disability lawyer in Denver could explain, the SSA defines intellectual disability by relying upon diagnosis by a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. That diagnosis would then be determined from the requirements of the DSM.

Requirements Automatically Qualifying a Person for SSDI

There are requirements in the social security regulations that could automatically qualify a person for social security disability benefits. Accordingly, discretion is given to an administrative law judge to determine whether they believe the person is disabled. In some cases, a combination of disabilities may preclude the person from being substantially gainfully employed. An intellectual disabilities attorney could argue for SSDI benefits based on a combination of physical and mental disorders.

In many cases, the person would not realize that their mental or physical disability is not enough to qualify them for social security disability in Denver. However, it may be that the combination of a person’s physical and mental disabilities could possibly qualify them for disability benefits.

What is the Listing of Impairment?

The listing of impairment is an inventory of disabilities. On a disability application, a person might be asked to list all their physical and mental conditions that they feel interfere with their ability to work and perform substantial gainful activity. It is essential that the person makes a complete inventory of all their physical and mental disabilities as well. A mental health disability attorney could assist with this process.

Inability to Meet the Listing of Impairment

If someone’s condition does not meet the listing requirements for their mental illness, they may be unable to secure Denver mental illness benefits. In some cases, a person may have a serious mental disability, but for one reason or another, they have not been going to a mental health professional. As a result, there are no supporting medical records which the judge would require for a person to be determined disabled. This could hinder a person’s case towards attaining Denver mental illness social security benefits.

Importance of Consulting with an Intellectual Disabilities Lawyer

One of the many benefits of working with an attorney when trying to qualify for Denver mental illness social security benefits is that you would be working closely with someone who has experience in SSDI cases. A lawyer could look at the facts surrounding your case, compile a record of you or a loved one’s mental illnesses, and strive towards acquiring the SSDI benefits you or a loved one may be entitled to. To get started on your case, contact a SSDI attorney today.

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