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What to Consider When Applying for Denver Workers Compensation

Before taking the step of reporting your injury, it could be critical to know what to consider when applying for Denver workers compensation. Seeking the services of a seasoned employee benefits attorney could be beneficial throughout the application process.

What is the Impact of Being an Independent Contractor?

In general, the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act requires all employers to maintain workers’ comp coverage. The issue of independent contractors has been very heavily litigated and it is fact specific and the law gives criteria to determine whether someone is an independent contractor or not but in general, all employees are entitled to cover workers’ comp coverage. The employers have to maintain that.

Role of an Injured Employee

An employee should report the incident in writing to the employer within four days and seek medical treatment. These are the most important things and it is important to consult an attorney if there are any questions or things are unclear for them and the sooner the better.

Any time an employee is injured, they can make a claim whether they have a case or not. If people are wondering whether it is worth it to make the claim or if they have a case, they should know that if they sustain an injury at work and they are really injured then they are going to require medical treatment which will often lead to them missing work and in this case, they should make a workers’ comp claim.

Injury Claim Requirements

Part of what to consider when applying for Denver workers compensation is how the injury will be handled by the business itself.The law requires that employers post a notice regarding workers’ compensation such as what to do, the benefits entitled to them under the Workers’ Comp Act. That notice has to be posted in the workplace, clear for all to see. For instance, people do not usually look at random bulletins at work.

If an injured worker goes to the employer, their supervisor, HR, and reports the incident, that should be enough. The employer should then fill out an injury report and guide them on the next steps, give them a list of authorized treatment providers or take them to the emergency room if that is required. As far as who alerts someone about their ability to file this, aside from that notice, employers do not really have a duty.

Importance of Speaking with an Employer About Injuries

Knowing what to consider when applying for Denver workers compensation can be critical to the overall outcome of your case. Therefore, it is important to understand When hiring someone for a company, employers often train them and that should be a part of the conversation and especially in high-risk jobs or heavy labor jobs where it is common for people to get injured but that may not be something they are legally obligated to do under the law. If it is brought to the employer that a person has been injured, it is their duty to make a claim with the carrier. If someone gets injured while working, speaking to an attorney could help them fight for the damages they deserve.


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