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Traumatic accidents may cause you to lose partial or full mobility, the conventional definition of paralysis. Your life will change forever, and you may be facing the prospect of expensive and long-term care. If someone else’s reckless behavior caused your mobility issues, an Englewood paralysis injury lawyer can evaluate your case and help get you the compensation you deserve. To learn more about your eligibility for recovering compensation, be sure to call today to schedule a consultation.

Medical Conditions and Injuries Cause Paralysis

Accident victims may sustain injuries to specific body parts, for instance, a person in an auto crash may end up with several shattered leg bones, but broken bones would not cause paralysis. Nerve, brain, and spinal cord damage cause most immobility issues.

Brain Injuries and Paralysis

The human brain sends and receives signals to other body parts, including signals telling muscles to move. Any devastating blow to the head, such as in an accident or violent criminal attack, can interfere with the brain’s ability to signal the body.

Spinal cord injuries and Paralysis

The spinal cord also communicates through a system of nerves that relay signals to other parts of the body. If the spinal cord nerves are severed or compressed, a person will lose sensation below the spinal cord injury.

Medical Issues and Paralysis

Medical malpractice can cause paralysis; for instance, if a patient’s brain is deprived of oxygen too long, the brain and spinal cord will be impacted, leading to a personal injury lawsuit against medical personnel who may have been negligent. Paralyzing conditions for which no one is to blame could include brain tumors and strokes.

Types of Paralysis and the Body Regions They Impact

Doctors categorizes paralysis according to the body regions affected. When one arm or leg is paralyzed, a patient has monoplegia. When both arms or both legs are paralyzed, common in people living with cerebral palsy, the diagnosis is diplegia. Hemiplegia is the paralysis of one side of the body, common in stroke victims. Paraplegia victims are left with both legs paralyzed. Quadriplegia is the most severe form of paralysis, usually after a devastating accident in which the spinal cord is damaged close to the neck, leaving the victim’s entire body paralyzed below the shoulders.

Since the level of care for each type of victim will need to differ, a catastrophic injury attorney experienced in paralysis cases in Englewood should review evidence to identify the parties who should compensate the victim fairly.

Common Symptoms of Paralysis

Paralysis injuries evoke different symptoms in different victims, and these may change in time. In addition to impaired movement, other symptoms commonly manifest themselves:

  • Loss of mobility often causes the muscles and joints in the paralyzed area to become stiff and painful
  • Breathing is difficult without special medical equipment, and victims become susceptible to respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and frequent colds
  • With the inability to exercise, bedsores can erupt, and body weight can increase while muscle mass decreases, leading to complications such as diabetes
  • Phantom pain in the paralyzed area
  • Difficulties with waste elimination, including the need for a catheter or ostomy bag
  • Loss of sexual function

Proving Negligence in a Paralysis Claim in Englewood

A victim can become paralyzed by a negligent driver, defective products, and medical malpractice. All are based on the tort of negligence. An attorney can build a case to show how the negligence of someone else caused a person’s paralysis, and how the responsible party should compensate them. Injured parties must show that negligent parties behaved unreasonably even though they had the responsibility to act or refrain from acting a certain way. The injured party must also prove that the negligent party caused the accident, and the victim sustained paralyzing injuries because of it.

Call an Englewood Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

If you are paralyzed in an accident caused by another person, you need someone on your side who understands how important it is for you to have enough money for your future financial needs. Call an Englewood paralysis injury lawyer today for your free consultation.

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