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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Englewood

When involved in a truck accident, you may be wondering who is liable for the damages you sustained through no fault of your own. If the negligence of a truck driver led to your injuries, should feel entitled to hold them accountable for the payment of monetary damages. However, one thing all victims should anticipate is the other party to do everything they can to devalue or discredit an injury claim.

Our attorneys are familiar with the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Englewood. If you require help pursuing the damages entitled to you, be sure to get in touch with a dedicated attorney today.

How Do Insurance Companies Typically Contact People?

Insurance companies will then portray themselves as wanting to help the injured claimant get past the event and offer them a settlement which sounds attractive to the injured party but may not represent anywhere near the full scope of injuries that the claimant has suffered from. An insurance company may also try to obtain a release of the injury claim from the claimant soon after an accident. If a victim signs off on this waiver, they are essentially waiving their rights to file an injury claim against the at-fault party, leaving them solely responsible for the payment of damages.

This is a situation that nobody should be in or wish to be in. The only or the best alternative to avoid such a situation is to hire an experienced attorney as soon after the accident as possible in order to obtain the protections necessary to get the claimant the damages that they are entitled to.

Why is it a Mistake to Settle a Case Early On?

Again, insurance companies, despite how they portray themselves on television, are oriented toward profit. As a result, the lower they can settle an injured party’s claim, the more profitable they become. Despite portrayals of themselves as being on the side of the injured party, they may be or they are generally interested in profit above all other considerations including the recovery of the injured party.

If they can settle a case for far less than the case is actually worth, they are more than happy to do so for the majority of case.

How is it a Mistake to not Contact an Experienced Attorney

The earlier one contacts an attorney following an accident the better their chances are at recovering compensation. Failing to get in touch with an attorney early on could prove to be a drastic mistake in a victim’s ability to obtain compensation. As a result, having a legal professional at your side should be one of your bigger priorities after obtaining medical treatment.

To learn more about the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Englewood, make sure to get in touch with our law offices as soon as possible.

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