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We rely on cars to get us where we need to go in Fort Lupton, and very often, we forget that every trip exposes us to potential danger. Car accidents frequently cause devastating injuries that can turn your life upside down.

Many times, a collision could have been prevented if someone had only behaved responsibly. If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by another person’s reckless or negligent conduct, a Fort Lupton car accident lawyer could help you recover compensation to make up for some of your losses. While compensation cannot turn back the clock and undo the effects of an automobile collision, it can provide a sense of justice and help meet future needs. A skilled injury attorney could fight to protect your rights and help you achieve a fair outcome after an accident. En Español.

Available Damages in a Fort Lupton Auto Injury Claim

Compensation provided when someone is liable for causing an accident is often referred to in Fort Lupton as “damages.” An accident victim may receive damages to cover a number of different effects stemming from a car accident. These include past losses as well as anticipated future expenses. Moreover, damages often cover intangible effects as well as economic losses such as income lost due to time off work.

A Fort Lupton car accident attorney could help recover compensation for consequences such as:

  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical needs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle damage
  • Emotional anguish
  • Future earnings reductions

Calculating a value for each relevant factor provides a groundwork for evaluating the fairness of any settlement offers received.

Importance of Collecting Evidence as Early as Possible

To recover damages for the consequences of a car accident, it is necessary to prove that another person’s negligence or other wrongdoing caused the accident. The best time to collect evidence to demonstrate liability is right after the collision. As time passes, the scene of the accident will change, witnesses may become hard to find, and footage showing the crash could be erased or recorded over unless action is taken to preserve the images. Accordingly, prompt action can make all the difference in the outcome of a case.

A Fort Lupton car accident lawyer could assist with collecting and preserving evidence so that it is available for use in negotiations or, if necessary, at trial. An attorney could also work to ensure that the case is prepared and filed before the expiration of the statute of limitations period. For motor vehicle accidents, Colo. Rev. Stat. §13-80-101 requires a lawsuit to be filed within three years. For insurance purposes, a claim will often need to be filed much sooner.

Work with an Experienced Fort Lupton Car Accident Attorney

When you are recovering from a car accident, the last thing you want to deal with is an endless array of questions from investigators and insurance adjusters. Attorneys or other representatives may ask you the same questions repeatedly, hoping you will say something that can be used to deny liability.

When you work with a Fort Lupton car accident lawyer, your legal representative can handle the questioning and paperwork to allow you to focus on regaining your health. An attorney could investigate to determine the cause of the accident and who may be held to blame. For a free consultation to learn more about how a car accident attorney could protect your rights and work to help you obtain full and fair compensation, call today.

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