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Pros and Cons of an Expert Witness in a Lakewood Auto Accident Claim

When attempting to obtain compensation following an auto accident, you would understandably try everything in your power to obtain the total amount of damages you are entitled to. In addition to acquiring the services of an experienced car accident attorney, it may also be worthwhile to add the help of an expert witness in order to bolster the validity of your claim. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of an expert witness in a Lakewood car accident claim. To learn more, continue reading below, or schedule a consultation today.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert Witness in a Car Accident Case

The testimony of an expert, when elicited correctly, is much more compelling and convincing than the subjective testimony of a plaintiff. When a doctor, police officer, engineer, or economist provides testimony as an expert witness, they would typically be found much more unbiased because it is presumed that they do not typically have an interest in the outcome of the case. They are only testifying because of their expertise and not their interest in the outcome of the case.

Drawbacks of Allowing the Testimony of an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses will often be produced on both sides. For example, a plaintiff may call a doctor who comes to certain conclusions on behalf of the plaintiff. The defendant may call another doctor who has a completely different opinion based on their findings. In this case, a car accident claim could turn into a battle of expert witness testimony, leaving the jury to determine which expert they think is more convincing and produces better evidence.

Another instance in which a plaintiff may not want an expert’s testimony is when that expert’s findings do not support the plaintiff’s claim. For example, if a plaintiff had problems in their back arising from an auto accident and for some reason the doctor was unable to find anything supporting the plaintiff’s claim, then it might not be a good idea for the plaintiff to bring an expert in that case. If the doctor has not yet discovered anything supporting the plaintiff’s claim of damages, it could have an adverse impact on a person’s claim.

That is why it is important to get an attorney with plenty of experience in the courtroom, who can help the claimant make a determination as to whether they want to call expert witnesses and which expert witnesses they want to call.

Other Things to Know about Expert Opinions in Lakewood

There are also disadvantages of expert witnesses to be aware of. Plaintiffs should know that expert witnesses can cost a significant amount of money. However, this money would go to medical examinations to potentially help the claimant reach maximum medical improvement. It would also go to the doctor to evaluate all the medical records, to write a report of their findings, to go to the courtroom, and to testify.

A trial involving experts is a much more high-stakes outcome. The plaintiff could win the case based on the added expense of the experts, or the plaintiff could lose a case, despite the added testimony of the expert, leaving the plaintiff responsible for all those expert fees regardless of whether they won or lost the case. These expenses must be taken into serious consideration by the plaintiff in deciding as to whether they want to bring the case to court.

Speak with an Attorney Before Taking Any Action

Although there may be some downsides to obtaining the testimony of an expert witness in a Lakewood auto accident claim, plaintiffs could still find their testimony highly advantageous. Every case is different, and an attorney could help retain the services of a lawyer who could help you determine which expert could provide you with a testimony that could benefit your case. Do not hesitate in your decision to begin discussing the prospects of hiring an expert witness. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your case.

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