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Loveland Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Permanently losing bodily function is one of the worst outcomes you can have from an accident caused by another person’s negligence, especially when you cannot return to your pre-accident life due to your injuries. While money alone cannot completely undo the damage, it can do a lot to help stabilize your personal finances and maximize your quality of life despite your condition.

Taking legal action over an injury can be challenging, which is why you should seek representation from an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. When you become permanently paralyzed through someone else’s negligence, working closely with a knowledgeable Loveland paralysis injury lawyer could maximize your chances of a favorable case result.

Medical Definition of Paralysis

Spinal cord damage can lead to paralysis of the lower limbs or of the entire body below the neck — paraplegia and quadriplegia, respectively. This will depend on where on the spine the injury occurs and whether it involves a “complete” severing of the spinal cord or an “incomplete” tear, twist, or bruise. Severe brain damage from a traumatic external impact or a medical condition, like a stroke, can cause these types of paralysis, but it can also result in more unique forms of this condition, like hemiplegia, where only one side of the body is affected.

Localized nerve damage, particularly in the shoulder or hip, can result in a unique form of paralysis called monoplegia, or loss of sensation and motor function in just one limb. No matter what specific form this condition takes, a Loveland paralysis injury attorney could demand comprehensive compensation from every person whose reckless or careless misconduct contributed to an injury.

Common Legal Obstacles

A successful civil claim over a paralyzing injury caused by another person’s negligence can account for every short- and long-term loss the injured person will face. These losses can include medical expenses, lost working ability, disability-related costs for things like wheelchairs and home modifications, and physical and psychological suffering. Colorado state law sets “caps” on recovery for non-economic forms of harm stemming from personal injuries.

Additionally, someone might be found to hold “comparative fault” for causing or worsening their own injury through their own negligent behavior. It may be held against them as a proportional reduction from their final damage award or even as a reason to deny them compensation altogether, in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-111. A capable paralysis lawyer could navigate past these and other possible roadblocks to civil recovery when suing someone in Loveland.

Call Us and Learn How a Loveland Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

Paralysis can stem from a traffic collision, a slip or trip and fall caused by dangerous property conditions, or other types of accidents caused by a reckless or careless breach of a duty of care. Even if it seems obvious that someone was “negligent” in this way, getting fair financial restitution from them through a civil lawsuit or settlement demand can be difficult.

With stakes this high, you should think twice before trying to pursue or even start a claim without first speaking with a seasoned Loveland paralysis injury lawyer. Call today to discuss your options.

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