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Falls in Thornton Nursing Homes

Residents of long-term care facilities deserve competent care. In addition to treating residents with respect, nursing home workers also need to protect their residents from unnecessary harm, such as injuries from preventable falls.

If your parent or other loved one suffered a serious or fatal fall, meet with an attorney who has experience investigating falls in Thornton nursing homes. An experienced legal professional could help you pursue appropriate legal action against the nursing home and its staff for negligence.

Consequences of Thornton Nursing Home Falls

When kids fall, they can usually recover quickly and go right back to whatever they were doing. Most young and even middle-aged adults are also generally fine after a fall. They might experience soreness or muscle aches the next day, but only rarely do they experience serious medical trauma from a simple fall.

Unfortunately, when elderly or infirm people fall, they frequently experience severe and life-altering physical injuries. As people age, their bones become more fragile, making them more susceptible to breaks. Even seemingly simple accidents can lead to broken bones and serious head injuries. Many of these injuries never fully heal, leading to significant pain and suffering for years into the future.

In addition to physical injuries, many survivors of nursing home falls also experience emotional and mental trauma. They might develop a serious fear of falling again, which could cause them to become withdrawn or depressed. If they cannot move as freely as they used to, their injuries might make them feel isolated.

Nobody should have to suffer this way. A compassionate attorney could hold a nursing home responsible for their negligence after a resident’s fall.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Falls

It is not uncommon for older people to have mobility limitations. Their legs are less stable, they have weaker muscles, and they might find it harder to balance themselves when they move from one position to another. Consequently, they are more prone to falling than younger people. Certain medications, such as sedatives, can impair their balance and make a person more likely to fall. Hazardous conditions in nursing homes can also lead to accidents. Debris on the floor, narrow walkways, wet floors, and poor lighting can all be culprits.

Nursing homes need to consider all of these factors when they set up protocols, establishing strong fall prevention plans in order to minimize the risk of falls. Facilities need to hire enough employees and train their staff to monitor their resident’s activities. Handrails, bed rails, and grab bars should be provided for residents who need them. When nursing homes fail to take these steps to protect their residents from harm, they could be held legally liable for their negligence. A Thornton attorney could investigate a particular case to determine whether a nursing home’s negligence led to a fall.

Speak with an Attorney After a Fall in a Thornton Nursing Home

Although older adults are more prone to falling, many falls in nursing homes could be prevented with proper care. If your loved one experienced serious injuries after a fall in a Thornton nursing home, reach out to an attorney right away. A dedicated member of our team could investigate what happened to your loved one to see if there is cause for legal action. Contact Amy G today to get started.

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