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Filing a Thornton Wrongful Death Action

Losing a beloved family member suddenly and unexpectedly causes unimaginable pain. Not only are these losses emotionally devastating, but they can also wreak financial havoc on you and your loved ones. When fatal accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence, this only adds to the strain.

If you suspect that someone else’s actions led to your loved one’s death, a compassionate local attorney might be able to help you. Filing a Thornton wrongful death action could bring your family the financial recovery you need to begin to rebuild your lives.

Explaining Wrongful Death Suits in Thornton

A wrongful death happens when one person’s reckless, careless, or criminal act causes a fatal injury. Wrongful deaths can be accidental, such as after a car crash, malpractice incident, slip and fall, or workplace accident. Other wrongful deaths occur after intentional acts of violence, such as a domestic battery, an armed robbery, or a bar fight that went wrong. Surviving family members of a wrongful death victim can pursue a legal claim, even if there is a criminal action involving the defendant for the same cause.

After a wrongful death, the decedent’s surviving family members can sue the wrongdoer in a civil suit for financial damages. A successful ending to a wrongful death claim would bring justice to a family by holding the at-fault party legally accountable.

If the suit prevails, the surviving family member could also obtain the money necessary to rebuild their lives. They could pursue a legal claim for compensation for the surviving family member’s economic losses, such as the loss of the decedent’s wages and future earning potential. Colorado law also allows families to recover damages for their non-economic losses, such as their pain and suffering and loss of companionship. A knowledgeable Thornton attorney could meet with a family to review the circumstances surrounding a loved one’s death to see if they have cause to file a legal claim.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Action in Thornton?

A death can affect immediate family members, extended family members, and close friends. Unfortunately, not all of those parties can file a legal claim after their loved one’s death. Under Colorado law, only certain parties can file suit.

In the First Year After the Death

Within a year of a wrongful death, only the decedent’s surviving spouse or their heirs, if permitted by the spouse, can file suit. If the decedent was not married at the time of their death, their heirs or a designated beneficiary could bring a claim.

Within Two Years After the Death

If the decedent’s spouse elects not to file suit, the decedent’s children can bring a claim within two years after the decedent’s death. If the decedent was unmarried and there are no surviving children, their heirs or a designated beneficiary could sue. A seasoned Thornton attorney could help explain all of the nuances involved in the Colorado wrongful death statute and advise a family throughout the legal process.

Let a Thornton Attorney Help You File a Wrongful Death Action

The sudden loss of your loved one can leave your family reeling with pain and facing severe financial challenges. Your loved one’s death will inevitably alter the rest of your life.

A caring local attorney could help you by filing a Thornton wrongful death action. With the help of a committed lawyer, you could recover the compensation you need to begin to move forward. To learn more about what we could do for you, reach out to our office today.

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