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Becoming disabled is something many people do not normally think about or want to think about. However, many individuals become disabled each year for a multitude of reasons. Those struggling with an injury, illness, or other medical conditions may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, which frequently provides monthly payments based on salary to those who can no longer work. Someone who finds themselves suddenly unable to work due to a medical condition or injury may want to speak with a Westminster SSDI lawyer.

When a person is unable to return to work, a skilled personal injury attorney could assist in explaining different legal options. Schedule an appointment to discuss potential social security disability insurance benefits.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance?

Although there are many types of disabilities that could qualify, some common types of disability claims may involve:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Mental illness
  • High blood pressure
  • Scoliosis and other spinal conditions
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Those who are injured and unable to work for a year or more may qualify for Social Security disability benefits if they meet certain qualifications. Criteria used to determine a person’s eligibility may include work credits and type of medical condition.

Work Credits

Those planning on applying for Social Security benefits must typically have worked long enough to have earned the appropriate amount of work credits. Work credits are generally earned based on salary and only four credits may be earned in one year. According to 2018 regulation, one credit may be earned for every $1,320. Although the amount of total credits needed may vary with a person’s age, generally 40 credits are required to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

For those that have earned enough work credits, the injury or medical condition may need to meet Social Security’s definition of disability. The first phase of this may require demonstrating that the injured person is unable to return to their current employment. Additionally, they may need to show that the injury or condition is severe enough to prohibit another type of employment and that it is expected to last for at least one year.

Medical Condition

Subsequently, Social Security will typically determine if a person’s medical condition is found in their listings of impairments. The Social Security disability insurance commonly lists diseases and injuries that may affect 14 of the body systems. These may include the immune system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, and the digestive system.

Denied Social Security Disability Claims

In some cases, a Social Security application may be denied. SSDI benefit claims could be denied for several reasons but two of the most common is the failure to provide sufficient evidence that the disability is prohibiting a return to work and failure to follow procedure.

Dealing with a long-term or permanent disability is typically life-changing for both the injured person and their family. The financial strain could feel incredibly overwhelming. A Westminster SSDI lawyer understands and potentially could help a person:

  • Appeal a denied claim
  • Initiate a new claim
  • Follow the procedure to file paperwork accurately and on time
  • Adhere to various requirements, such as mandatory medical examinations
  • Gather necessary medical reports and documentation to show the injury qualifies

When a person’s claim is denied, they may want to consider speaking with a knowledgeable Westminster SSDI attorney who could advocate on their behalf. Meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer who is familiar with filing such claims in Westminster court.

Westminster SSDI Attorneys Fight for the Rights of the Disabled

Do not be caught off guard by the complicated Social Security disability application process. To increase the chances of having a claim accepted and expedite the process, call a credible Westminster SSDI lawyer.

A dedicated injury attorney could help protect a person’s rights and accurately file a claim. Avoid the frustrating experience of going to court alone and contact a well-versed lawyer who could potentially provide legal representation.

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