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Few motorists give much thought to the drivers of the 18-wheel trucks they pass on the highway — at least until they are involved in a crash with one. Collisions with tractor-trailers are unfortunately common along America’s roads and highways.

Long hours make for drowsy drivers, leading to far too many crashes involving truckers. Victims of such accidents are often left injured and struggling with the insurance company and the trucking company for compensation.

With the help of a Westminster truck accident lawyer, you and your loved ones can seek the maximum compensation possible after a crash. An experienced personal injury attorney can advocate for your needs by presenting your legal options based on your case.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes

Truck drivers work long hours on tight deadlines. Too often, that means cutting corners to save time and money. Though there are federal restrictions on the length of shifts truckers can drive without a break for sleep, these regulations are often ignored or flouted.

This leads to barely awake drivers at the helm of thousands of pounds of truck speeding down the interstate. It is a wonder there are not more truck accidents. In addition to drowsy driving, truck drivers must contend with the same road hazards as any other motorist.

Bad weather, traffic, reckless drivers, and other complications can spell disaster for a trucker. The added danger comes with the size of the vehicle they drive. Though the average car may be able to slam on its brakes at the last minute, big rigs are unable to do so.

Documenting a Truck Accident

Properly documenting the aftermath of a truck wreck can make all the difference in how the case turns out. There are a few steps that truck accident victims should try to take in order to protect themselves and strengthen their potential case.

Take Photos, Videos, and Physical Notes

Memories fade quickly. When possible, it is best to take physical notes, photos, and videos of the accident scene. Anyone involved in a truck wreck should contact law enforcement, who can assist with documenting the scene. Be thorough: incorporate every possible detail prior to, during, and right after the accident.

Gather Witness Information

It is important to take note of any witnesses and their contact information. Other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers can provide useful firsthand testimonies.

Keep a Log of Pain and Injuries

In the initial days following a wreck, individuals should make everyday notes of pain and discomfort. Injuries should be immediately reported to medical personnel so that there is a close association in time between the injuries from the accident and the date of the accident. It can be difficult for a Westminster lawyer to connect injuries to a truck accident after the fact without thorough documentation.

Possible Damages to Recover

Victims of truck accidents often sustain serious injuries that can impact them for the rest of their lives. Emergency room visits, surgeries, and appointments with specialists add up quickly. Even after initial wounds have healed, the costs of ongoing physical therapy appointments and prescription drugs can burden victims for years.

When victims are injured in truck accidents caused by negligent drivers, they may be eligible for compensation. Westminster truck accident lawyers have seen frequent damages received by victims, including medical costs, lost wages, loss of earning potential, and pain and suffering.

From the ambulance ride to the therapy needed to deal with the trauma of the wreck, healthcare is expensive. Victims can seek compensation to cover their costs. While the victim is recuperating from their injuries, they may be unable to work. For many, this means missing out on a much-needed paycheck. Lost wage damages can help with the financial burden the accident has placed on the victim.

Speaking with a Westminster Truck Accident Attorney

In some cases, the victim may no longer be able to perform work duties the way they once could. This can dramatically impact their ability to earn a living. Victims may seek compensation for this loss. While no amount of money can make up for the pain endured by accident victims, compensation can ease the recovery process.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, reach out to a Westminster truck accident lawyer today. Legal guidance is available, and consultations are confidential. Call today to get the help you need.

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